haw to work @tisko bot

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tisko bot is a bot for support all Steemains

Haw to work @tisko

Follow @tisko
Send a transaction of any currency with your price, and copy the link of the posting that you want resteemed. You can also send a link from a friend. to @tisko.
How much does it cost?

Send to @tisko 0.100 steem/SBD for resteem only

send to @tisko 0.200 to 1 steem/SBD you will get resteem and 15 good upvotes

send to @tisko 1 to 10 steem/SBD you will get resteem and 20 to 100 good upvotes

Do you know, you can also earn passive income after every bidding round simply by delegating your Steem Power to @tisko?
you can delegate by clicking following links: 10 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP, 2000 SP, You can do refund here.

Thank you very much for reading and sharing.

@tisko at your service

Put down tag tisko in youre post you will get resteem and upvote free

delegate to @tisko 10 SP you will get every day 0.004 steem/SBD

delegate to @tisko 100 SP,you will get every day 0.04 steem/SBD

delegate to @tisko 500 SP,you will get every day 0.200 steem/SBD

delegate to @tisko 1000 SP,you will get every day 0.400 steem/SBD

delegate to @tisko 10000 SP,you will get every day 4 steem/SBD

We resteem and vote within 5 hours of time to send the amount

you can see if tisko is Awake or Sleeping here:

With Steem changing we change the daily balance


How to Get 3 Steem

Visit this accouent https://steemit.com/steem/@bisko/we-are-the-steemains

Buy T-Shirt We are The Steemains And put 5 stars

Make a comment here and make sure you buy T-Shirt We are The Steemains

I will send you 3 steem and upvote you

thank you all steemains


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Hi @tisko. I sent 2.1 steem each for this post, this post & this post.

Each of these posts had upvotes before I did this and still have less than 20 upvotes each and has been more than 5 hours since I sent the transactions. Also none of them have been resteemed.

Granted I was following some out dated instructions but it appears the only thing that has changed is the amounts of steem you quote, so wondering if something's gone wrong here or if I've misunderstood instructions. Let me know. Cheers