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Going to be some good times and some epic posts in this badboy.... Stay tuned....



Usually, if people arrive at the desired destination, there are those who shout loudly, some are grateful and some celebrate with flowers and so on, but not with this man, what he does is funny and unique and some are not like what he does.


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Indonesia. In Indonesia, coffee is very diverse, depending on the region. Starting from Aceh coffee, Toraja coffee, Flores Coffee, Ternate Coffee, and many more types of coffee that come from almost all regions in Indonesia.


The burial process of each tribe and custom throughout the world is of course varied. What we consider normal in our society, may be considered strange by other tribes in the world.


Jengkol fruit, a fruit that is always a special place for Asian people, a very delicious taste and very suitable to be enjoyed when gathering and there are also many benefits



Making an attraction is fine, but the exercise must be done carefully so that what is amazing will actually become a severe disaster, therefore increase your training to become a professional



Keumamah Acehnese wood fish is also known as Gulaie Keumamah, or also popularly called Eungkot Kayee. Basically, Keumamah is a typical Acehnese fish, which is boiled fish, then dried by salting (smoked), because dried fish becomes hard like wood. Then it is also called wood fish (krot kayee). Japanese people also know dried fish like this, called katsubushi. usually in fine drawstring as a flavoring variety of gravy.


We may not know that the leaves can be made creative and unique is that these leaves can be in the form of animal pictures, hopefully you like them.



Sometimes we as parents do not know about our children, especially their requests that have never been said and hopefully with this position we will know little about our children so that parents and children respect and love each other

Today we are great and rich, so today we have friends and everything, but have we all remembered our last time here, everyone will be lying here then when we are healthy and rich then love and do our best so that our lives are not vain


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