Signup for your Superior Coin Faucet account today

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Signup for your Superior Coin Faucet account today

Earn 10 Superior Coin every 10 minutes!

If you have any issues you can get help in the Superior Coin Telegram Channel

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Hey hey a faucet! Quick question. When signing up do we enter the wallets address from the "bank" page of our superior coin wallet? My mind says NO don't do it although I know this is legit cause it's you. Just curious as I've always been taught not to do this but then I don't see a receive address anywhere? Teach me O' master...............

Yes use the Kryptonia wallet address as that is where you withdraw coins to.

On it! Thank you as always!

Since I'm going to that, thanks for the friend notice!

I am registered!!!

Already registered.

Great way to get some beercoins.

Fast and Easy


Had issue registering the last time. The recapht failed to verify .

Thanks for the work!

are you already registered ? We would be glad to give you such an experiences with the new Faucet. Over @kryptonia are some task reward for registration.

I like your work.

Those are great news to know my friend ! Hope you are enjoying the faucet as well !!

Thanks for the support.

Your very welcome !
enjoy it .

I like it.

<3 <3 amazing <3 <3

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