Mine Superiorcoin in a web browser

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You can mine Superiorcoin directly in your web browser at http://minesuperiorcoin.net/

You can get a Superior Wallet Address to mine here --> http://superiorcoinpool.com/superior-wallet-generator.html

You can mine Superiorcoin on a laptop or on your phone.

You lookup your mining stats here --> http://superiorcoinpool.com/

Mining stats

Useful sites


Great , thanks for share. You need to use a PC wallet address or paper wallet addres for mining SuperiorCoin.

I think that I know their marketing guy from somewhere. 🤔

I have a laptop that is sitting idle right now, so lets put her to work and see what happens. 😎

Thanks for the information! 👍

Is that good or bad? :)

He seems like a nice guy, but you never know in this present crypto world lol. 😃

I have Linux on that laptop and there is no Linux wallet yet, I'm presuming that I need a wallet in order to mine? 🤔

I tried to install the wallet on my Windows 10 computer, but both Windows security and my Internet security went crazy. After it blocked me for about the 10th time with me telling it every time that it was a trusted site, I gave up. I started getting worried that something actually had piggybacked in when I downloaded the package. I have a pile of computers around here with various issues on them that I need to correct, I should get one of them working just for things like this.

I think its good

Definitely will look into this. The pool calculator is estimating 1kH/s hashrate resulting in about 35k Satoshi earned. That is a decent earning.

for how long will you get 35k satoshi

not sure if I understand your question. The numbers were based on the pool's calculations.


Dark beer, isn´t it?

this will be a game changer for sure!

Oh this is great, been using computta

Nice, but my PC is not good enough to mine.

Have you tried to mine in your browser?

Thanks for info.

Nice information about supercojn

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