Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 25th March 2018

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Price Today

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $8,517.75
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000038
SUP USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0032
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000033
SUP USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0028
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000042
SUP USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0036
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.00
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.00

Price Yesterday

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $8,887.97
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000042
SUP USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0037
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000038
SUP USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0034
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000037
SUP USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0033
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.10
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.07

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On this day, 25 March, some people celebrate what's called Annunciation Day. Greetings!

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