Daily price of Bitcoin, SBD, STEEM and SuperiorCoin for 18th April 2018

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Today's Coin Prices

BTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $8088.29 (-$45.18)
SUP BTC (BTC Alpha) = 0.00000018 (-0.00000004)
SUP BTC/USD (BTC Alpha) = $0.0015 (-$0.0003)
SUP BTC (SouthXchange) = 0.00000023 (-0.00000001)
SUP BTC/USD (SouthXchange) = $0.0019 (-$0.0001)
SUP BTC (Stocks.exchange) = 0.00000025 (-0.00000001)
SUP BTC/USD (Stocks.exchange) = $0.0020 (-$0.0001)
SBD USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.76 (+$0.23)
STEEM USD (CoinMarketCap) = $2.84 (+$0.09)
ETH USD (CoinMarketCap) = $514.09 (-$2.10)
EOS USD (CoinMarketCap) = $8.72 (+$0.04)
LTC USD (CoinMarketCap) = $137.41 (+$1.24)
XMR USD (CoinMarketCap) = $225.69 (+$25.85)
XRP USD (CoinMarketCap) = $0.67 ($0.00)
XVG USD (CoinMarketCap) = $0.07 ($0.00)

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Thanks for sharing. I cant wait for steem to reach $50

Hello friend @sydesjokes, I like this way to place the prices of the day Thanks

Thanks for the data.


thanks for sharing

Btc is holding its ground...

Almost $3.00 👏

Precios muy bonitos!

Que suba que suba!

thank you for sharing!

Good prices.

I would appreciate if you could usethe old style of comparing today's prices with yesterday's prices.

Is alright. Thanks for updating us with the prices of coins

Thank you for putting LTC!

Thanks for sharing s always.

Thanks for the information!

Good morning and thanks for the updates :)

Thanks for the updates !!

Thanks for sharing this

Good record update

Thanks for update

Thank you for crypto update

SBD is going up again..

Btc will move upward soon...