Do not invest with Michael Q Todd

in #superiorcoin7 years ago

@michaelqtodd is the biggest scam artist the crypto world has ever seen (besides @craig-grant of course). Michael was the creator of Superior Coin l, which was supposed to be used on the crowdify club, aka @crowdifywepay platform. This guy stole $600,000 btc from investors thinking this coin was going to hit the market in Jube...then July...then August...then had a "falling out" with crowdify because he didn't pay them what he owed them. Instead of making it right and refunding investor money, he decided to just take everyone's money and start a new coin. "Promise coin". What a stupid a$$ name. Learn from my mistake...never invest anything that Michael is doing...EVER. He doesn't know how to create a website, let alone create a coin that he can actually get to market. Little does he know, a class action lawsuit is underway against him. The day he's in jail can't come soon enough. @jerrybanfield, you must be just as pissed off as I am about this scam...I know you were a big investor as well!


I can attest for this. Currently I am dealing with this guy and his spamming all over my accounts and those associated with me. Have already filed a complaint with the FBI (IC3).

If anyone wishes to submit correspondence with him for a class action suit, please email them to [email protected]

@jeremy77 sorry for your loss. Saw your other post regarding superior coin.

He has started another ICO for his new coin that he is supposed to be developing "Sure Coin". Even using the same logo as SuperiorCoin which is trademarked in the US how lame and pathetic is that.

But you have your Superior Coins and your money back now right?

How can I have a fall out with Crowdify. I founded Crowdify! Please take this crazy post down it does not make any sense

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