Bad news for Superior Coin ICO investors, the project is probably dead.

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Have a read for yourself and I really wish you are not among the ones who put money into this:

Michael Q Todd claims that a guy named Nathan Senn whom picture can be seen on their website has stolen the HD that had the wallets stored in it.
I will not spend many words about what happened, it could just really be a fake story to have an excuse to why superior coin is dead, now that they have the amount of money they wished they can get away with it.

At the same time Michael Q Todd is telling people through Slack that he will give back all the coins to people that invested in Superior coin(with a 1 to 1 ratio), calling it "Lolly"(good luck with that).

This is all very confusing, and also shows that many people jumped on the ICO train to pump money out of people, without being ready with security, trust in their own team, etc.

Michael Q Todd is about to make an accouncement today or tomorrow about the new coin that will replace Superior Coin, anyway it is probable that many people will just lose their money. I feel bad for some people that said they put something like 1k to 10k $ into it, if their new coin will have a low value and the project will not recover from this blow it means that their money is gone.

Stay safe out there, and watch out for all those new ICOs, most of them will just eat your money and kiss you goodbye.

*************IMPORTANT EDIT***************

Senn Nathan answered to me with this message:

Looking forward for his official statement.

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This ICO is a typical scam. It has too many inconsistencies and they threated investors really bad - if you were posting questions they don't like, they would delete them and block you.

So, my expectation is that you will loose all money you have invested.


I believe that the most probable thing to happen is that people will get no coins and no money back, I feel really sorry for the people who bought hundreds or thousands of dollars worth Superior Coins, I am not among those people and glad about it.

Damn what a fuckin bastard! Feel really sorry for all the people who got burnt on this


Michael q is the bastard not Nathan...he is a really nice and good guy and will not run off with the money cause that is what Michael Q would have done....

THIS IS BULLSHIT MICHAEL Q IS A CON AND THE DEV WILL GO ON WITHOUT HIM.Michael Q is the one who is lying and maybe you just don't know that.The dev is a really smart guy,who loves his job and doesn't care about money like the scammer Michael Q!!! So he can say he will gives the coins back,but he hasn't got any lol... so he can promise all he wants but he cannot get his hands on even 1 coin...and you should be very glad about that...


i dont believe either of them. the dev has had months to work on coding and there is basically no coding done at all for this project


He is working on that and he has got the best code to date is what he told me few days ago....


Hey man, I contacted Senn and he sent me a message, you can read it in the article.

I invested in this. Still feeling angry and disappointed over myself, many ICOs end bad. Now moving forward and have learned something...


Not everything is lost, you can check out my other articles, maybe you and the others will get their coins back, do not surrender.

To add insult to injury, everyone's money is stored on Poloniex of all places. Things like this remind us just how risky all this stuff is. I guess we'll see what happens.

Thanks Charlesx. Please keep us updated if you hear anything further from Nathan Senn.