Video on How to Promote using SUP on

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A Short Video talking about how to use SuperiorCoins to promote any content you would like all over the world.

Also a Talent area is being built at the moment for larger more in depth task.

SuperiorCoin is growing everyday, has a social-media aspect to it. It can help you promote your FB, Twitter, Business, and other sites. Check out Tech details at BitCoinTalk Buy it today using Steem or SBD Signup to KRYPTONIA to get Free SuperiorCoins and trade them on BTC-Alpha


Brilliant bringing a lot of learnings

min sup with your web browser
mining pool info
$SUP pays you for HODLing your coins on the ecosystem of

trading #sup for #btc the btc prices may be higher or lower still a good buy at any price if you are in for the long hold

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