Illuminati Super Bowl 2018 Half Time Show & Event Exposed. What You Need to Know... DTUBE Version

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DTUBE Film Summary

Every year the Illuminati put on their bread and circus game, the Super Bowl. The NFL was founded by Walter Camp and Amos Alonzo Stagg (Skull and Bones = Illuminati) and much like the Coliseum of Rome, the modern day NFL stadiums are used to distract the masses from reality. This is the elite giving us bread and circuses while these satanic pedophiles have rituals performed in our face and poison the planet while enslaving and surveying everyone.

Points most people forget:

  1. The Super Bowl is a massive human trafficking event, and it is actually one of the worst times for that crime around.

Human Trafficking and the Super Bowl:

  1. The actual Illuminati in America, Skull & Bonesman Walter Camp and Amos Alonzo Stagg founded the bread and circuses aka the NFL.

  2. The New World Order Police state always rolls out their new surveillance and screening tech for the game, mainly to see how the public will lie down and accept it for "security" cause boogeymen created by the very government itself may attack. It is fear porn and they are using it for their own agenda.

  3. The Halftime show is always a big satanic ritual, and this year was no different.

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Your posts always amaze great post.

Illuminati is one kind of magic.....

That's pretty cool to know thanks for the tips by the way, have a nice..

Justin TImberlake's performance was full of supercollider references, sacred geo references, pyramids, colors. It was full-on ritual mode. Coupled with his audio issues you might even speculate it was a humiliation ritual. What a poop show. I also take it that you missed the Philly police scanner

@titusfrost........such a great dtube film summary,,,,that you write.....illuminati,,,,,that's made by one kind of musician,,,,,,,,,,,,, but the real illuminati always create by only god.............its really need to know every people........all the best..........


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DTUBE Film Summary is great. excellent job dear

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