Super Bitcoin Fork

in #super-bitcoin4 years ago (edited)

The Bitcoin community and cryptos in general is quick coming to live with the fact that forks have come to stay. It was Bitcoin cash in August, then Bitcoin gold, then the failed 2X and Now Super Bitcoin.

super bitcoin.png
Well, unlike other forks which were malicious in their own way, Super Bitcoin is said to be a experimental fork; all the same it's still a fork.
Super Bitcoin comes with a couple of upgrades to the Legacy token:

  • Lightning Network
  • Smart contract
  • Zero knowledge Proof
  • 8 MB Block size increase
The token is said to fork at block 498888 (approx. December 17, 2017). There'll be some 210,000 pre-mined coins to maintain the foundation bringing the total token supply to 21,210,000 coins.

These upgrades in my opinion are great but WTF are these guys? Can they be trusted? Can they pull concession? Isn't it already glaring that 2018 would be the year of forks?
The next three weeks would tell.


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