Sun Thursday Djerba

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SunThursday - join the first Steemit challenge I created on this platform

Thursday again - day for Sun Photography and Positive Moments - some not published sun moments from our recent vacation in Tunisia. Feel free to post your sunny moments too using the SunThursday tag - this can include:


Art linked to Sun

Stories about the Sun or sunny moments

Posts about positivity

Check the SunThursday tag for more submissions about this positive topic


Beautiful, @uwelang! I have never been to Tunisia, so I really appreciate seeing this part of the globe! I hope when there is time in your busy day that you will post more of the country.


Hi, i have some sunny picutes from around the world, do you have some more information about contest?

I handle this every Thursday, just need to sue the #Sunthursday tag and post original content - fun challenge check the tag for inspiration from others.

Ok danke, i will try to make it, yes i have originals.

Upvoted und resteemed :-)

Thanks so much - you rock @welovesteemit

Sehr schön hätt ich fast vergessen ;) Ich schau gleich mal meine Fotos durch was ich noch so finde ;)

Sehr schön, freu mich drauf

It is an awesome challenge... i might try and create something for today.

Do it my friend, i remember you had some great shoots on the other platform

Awww that is nice 😄 thank you ❤

woohoo wow you caught GREAT clouds, looking like whipped cream on the sky, wonderful shoot :D ❤ im following you & <bounced on vote button :D

Thanks again!

Good post. Keep going....

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Beautiful photos you shared dear friend @uwelang congratulations on this great initiative
have a beautiful day

This is a fantastic idea!
I LOVE the sun and I also LOVE Steemit Challenges!
I will start following you for sure and try and get in a few sunny photos today!

thanks will submit!

I'm going to jump in too. Always nice to have an excuse to post beautiful pictures!