Sun Thursday and Communities - 10 months of the Challenge

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Sun Thursday - my first tag I created

Hiya fellow Steemians, it is now 10 months ago I created my first tag here on Steemit with the SunThursday Challenge - I created this as I simply love to capture the Sun as first reason. Photography was always a passion but I am not an expert or professional but I was used to do that on other platforms before, that also paid their users for content (boring model - based on ad revs - not related to crypto or blockchain at all). This first post gave me a whopping 4 cents of rewards, 38 views, 10 comments and 35 votes! I am really glad to say the challenge is still frequently used on Steemit which I am thankful for.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 18.29.26.png

Waiting for Communities

One of the other reasons I created this was based on the fact I have been running several communities within this mentioned platform as owner as well as moderator. It were exciting times with challenges and also not every user was happy with how the platform, the rewards and the communities were handled. When I heard on Steemit long time ago that Communities will come - I was even more excited to help developing, driving and managing them - now some rumours raised they will come soon! Happy to get involved - not sure how the structure for these will be. I really hope the Steemit team considers asking some people out there with experience on such an area, we might be able to give some advise on that.

Creating positivity

Apart from sharing photography of the Sun the other pillar of the challenge has been to show Positivity and Love as I do think this is mainly related to the sun, the sun is warming us, enables life, the sun is creating smiles and positive feelings. Therefore it was not a pure photography challenge at all - mainly used for photos of course which is cool. Now I am stopping with looking back and am looking forward to your great photos today!


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I think you should be super proud, not only for having created the label but for having contributed something positive to the community. I am a lover of sunsets, being new I did not know about the label. I will start using it from now on


Thanks a lot, not sure if it adds value - I think but others might see it as bullshit, you never can make every one happy here.....


The value is added by believing in # and using it, the more people use it, the more value it gives. Do not worry, you will never make everyone happy (especially the envious ones) but you will always have people admiring you. Happy day

Very nice tag...sunshine warms us and makes us happy - from inside and outside...IMG_6910.JPG

Sun is the source of life for this planet.
Now it is also becoming our major green energy source.
so yes, happy Sun Thursday!

It's a little cooler in Canada.

Not quite the temperature that this picture was taken in, but we were definitely below freezing this morning.

This is my footprints while taking my dogs for a walk one Saturday afternoon.

So glad you are creating community on here. I know you were great at it on Tsu. And I am really glad that you decided to stay :)
Just posted sun pictures last night - now, I have to look for more....

Good job

Wow, thats an amazing photography.

Hello am not an expert myself but I love taking photos! Congrats on your first year here and I like checking out your sunset pics.

Calling @originalworks :)
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I really enjoy it, it's a very beautiful photo, an interesting moment, amazing.

Tolle Stimmung, sehr nice Fotos :-)

I love this are a prodigy..thanks and do more @uwelang ...

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I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

Cool! Great photos and idea for #sunthursday. Upvoted resteemed and shared on twitter for you @uwelang. Made sure that I was following you, too.

wow that's beautiful : )


Congratulations post you deserve our appreciation.

we will wait for a good post from you


Best wishes for you

Wonderfull Photography . Evenings are most beautiful .

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Oh My God! I am featured! OMG OMG OMG - Yes, Yes, Yes! I am flushing with pleasure - thanks a lot! Honestly, appreciate this - happens rarely. You seem to to a great job with your bot - hope it gets not killed by people that dislike that!


I am glad you liked the curation. It's themarkymark's bot, I am just his pawn. They could try killing me, or it, but they might just die in the process.


I know . he is great guy like you :-)

OMG, I missed this post last week as I was traveling. Already 10 months?? Uau! I noticed it in March or April and it was very important to me and motivated me to keep posting when the payouts were so miserable!! Congratulations, SunThursday, as well as BeachWednesday are both much appreciated by the community. I'm not sure how many entries per week, but I guess it is already popular on Steemit. I also love to photograph the sun, it's precious! :)

god post & very nice photography! i like
my frined @uwelang