Sun Thursday - Panamanian sunset

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The sun is setting, soft light is laying on fields and meadows.

The smell of leaves and flowers can be felt in the air. The dry days go away giving way to rainy and wet mornings. Panama stole my heart.

SunThursday - led by @lizanomadsoul and initiated by @uwelang



A sunset captured between the long leaf tree, photography with extra creativity.

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Dear Greg, looks like you've found the perfect spot to capture the sunset. Well done!

I am so glad that you like my magical spot :) Greetings

How can I not? :)

Special sunset shot looks wonderful thanks for sharing that :D

You are so welcome. I am glad that you enjoy it :) Greetings

Very creative shot!

Thank you my friend. I am glad you like it. It is my little magical place in Panama :)

very nice capture through the palm fron @gregbit!

Thank you :)

Fantastic sunset before going to relax in the evening!

Absolutely. It is always great moment before quiet time :)

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