The deep orange shades of the sky in the last photo are amazing. Great capture.

Thanks .... it was a nice moment!

very nice sunsets

Great work. I just love the powerful red tones in the first one. Keep it up! :)

many thanks for your comment!

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Your photos are always amazing friend. Thank you. I love to see your photos.

many thanks

The last one is the most beautiful with cloud and lights on the sea...

thanks a lot

Gorgeous and quite magical! Is this your beautiful Sardinia?

yes! I live in a paradise my friend!

You certainly do! xo

wow..this great sunset photography.
i appreciate your photography...

many thanks

I feel the peace

Extraordinary @sardrt, you have a good chance to shoot the sunset, I also see some post about sunset, they prefer to take pictures on the beach.

iI see immediately

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