Stop and breathe

in sunset •  5 months ago


I have an app on my watch that regularly reminds me to “breathe.” I always ignore it. But tonight, as I was struggling to keep my frustration in check during a painfully repetitive bedtime routine with the kids, I caught a glimpse of this sunset through the window.

It drew me outside, where I found a few moments on the deck, by myself, to just ... breathe.

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I went out to my deck, and just took a breath. Planning on adding the stopwatch to do it more often. I like the photo.

gooooood catch!

Breathing is like the most valuable thing we can do - you did it and you saw the most incredible sky - talk about a good sign - haha - Science. You got it!

Beautiful picture..
Mindful breathing is underrated, I need to do more myself

BREATHE! It's so easy and it's free, but we often forget to do it, or don't do it properly (shallow almost-not-there breathing vs deep full breaths) 😇