📸 Wonderful Sunset in Castelldefels 📸

in sunset •  5 months ago


@marjanko, you wanted a sunset picture by me, here it is 😎! Now it's your turn 😜. My dear Steemians, If you also like to photograph the sunset, I invite you to participate in my CONTEST- 50 SBD / 7 DAYS 🌅 BEST SUNSET PHOTO CONTEST! 🌅
🍀 Good luck my Steemians Friends! 🍀

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Where Castelldefels locate ?


Close to Barcelona in Spain

hi my friend.i follow you.
thanks if you visit my new post(comment and upvote)

A special call to @marjanko from @flamingirl.😂


Don't be jealous @marconah 🤣


Hahahaha, I'm jealous.😘

Beautiful sunset with the beach. 😍

amazing picture

🔥 @flamingirl 🔥 I love it... and the lens flair is👌 will try to top it.

pleasant and quiet :) here last 3 days lot rain :(

That’s beautiful, I love the way the tops of the little waves are pink. You should of taken another next to it with a written message to show the world how you want them to enter your competition 🤣