Yellow Lilies for Sunday Scent Experience

Today is Sunday which means Sunday Scent Experience hosted by our dear friend @dutchess. Lilies are lovely flowers, among my favorites, even though they have a pretty strong scent.

The symbolic meaning of a yellow lily is gaiety. Keep that in mind next time you are buying flowers for someone, it might come handy.

The oil extracted from lilies is known to have healing and softening properties especially when mixed with calendula oil. It is recommended for very sensitive skin.



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I love the yellow flowers very much.

Glad to hear.

My fave color 😊

Gorgeous... I always like yellow flowers as they are so cheerful!
And lilies too.. most lilies anyway!! :)

Thank you, I'm glad you like them :)

Sweety i have to take a break from steemit. I feel very guilty about it since this is my (small) challenge but i cant life up to the occasion at the moment. I need to step back and reorganise a couple of things. I ll be in contact as soon as things get a bit less rough and busy. I love you for joining ♡ really i feel bad about it but i just dont cope right now.

Don't feel guilty about it! Just take the necessary break, get some rest, sort things out and you come back when you can! No problem! I hope you are feeling well. Don't worry about the contest! Xoxo 😄

beautiful lilies! but I love them only on the street or in the photo :)

Is it because of the smell?

Yes! for me the smell is very strong. but I like flowers

I feel the same about them :) Never buy them.

I do so: I admire them from the side. But one day my friend gave me a bouquet of white lilies. imagine?! :)))))))

If I get some, I'm putting it on the balcony for the night 😀

Wonderful colors - and scent! :)

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Thank you so much Alf!

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