Ginger for Sunday Scent Experience

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Ginger comes from the family of Zingiberaceae, its the family of calamus and sword lilly too.

The french name is gingimbre, the german name is: Ingwer, the italian name is zenzero, in spanish its jengibre, the malay call it djahé, the hindi sont adrak and the chinese call it Sheng Jiang.

When the leaves wilt, the fleshy sticks are grubbed up; these give the soft, fragrant fresh green ginger, the ginger that is preserved in sugar. The dried, bleached and bruised roots, however, have the strongest aroma.

The name can be traced back to the Sanskrit word 'shringavera' in almost all languages, which means 'shaped like a heret horn'. The Latin name is a combination of the Greek ziggiberis and the Latin gingiber.


This herb is widely used in all Asian parts in the kitchen, it has a sharp and penetrating taste that becomes milder when you bake or cook it.
There are many different kinds of ginger, all of which are used for the production of essential oil; the African oil is somewhat darker in color. The oil iss extracted from the roots, using steam distillation.

The oil is very yellowish to orange and very viscous, you can see on the pic how it colored the top of my bottle of ginger oil, which, by the way, is a CO2 oil instead of an essential oil; in some cases i prefer the CO2.

The scent experience is strong, spicy, very spicy, a little lemon, and a little sweet, quite present. The smell works immediately on my salivary glands and goes to the stomach.

If you ever experience cold feet in winter, or when you are ' cold to the marrow' from the flu – take a 20 minute foothbath with just a table spoon of ginger powder into warm water – you will experience a deep warming, it litterally feels as if it warms your bones.

The 20 % monoterpenes make ginger an inflammation inhibiting oil; stimulating and tonic
The over 50% sesquiterpenes makes this oil slightly blood pressure lowering, calming, inflammatory, regenerating, anti-hystamic and immune stimulating, as are most essential oils.

The direct effect of it on the limbic system is that it stabilizes emotional extremes, it calms the system and gives comfort in weakness and mental exhaustion


This oil is very suited for rheumatic diseases, and all chronic joint pain, since those infectional processes turn into a ‘cold pain’ when they get chronical, otherwise its not wise to work with heating oils when there is infection.

Today i baked a cake with ginger powder, amongst others (vanilla, cinnamum, anise, etc.). I love that with a coffee in the morning.

Wishing all of you a 'smelly Sunday' and don't forget: Sundays are to Steem some #Scent


Excellent post my dear friend!

Thank you Maru!

I crave a cup of hot ginger tea when I am not feeling well. Sending you hugs, my friend!❤

Hi Mel. Good plan, i am not well myself now

I wondered why you were so quiet. I hope it is not serious and you are 100% very soon.

I just remembered that today is scent day 😃
Don't have anything prepared but will show up with something 😉🌷

You are the best Erika ♡

Aww, how sweet! 💖

Hello my dear @dutchess! I love ginger and use it to treat cold, I mean to strengthen my immune system.
Here is my entry for today

Hi Erika my friend. I love the scent of hyacinths! Thank you ♡

Thank you dear, I'm glad you like it! 😘

dear Judith, you as always surprised me !!!! I did not know about ginger oil and did not know that with ginger powder you can bake. I wonder which recipe for your pie

I ll make a blog about it soon!

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Thank you pix resteemer!

Ginger candies are the best too!

That sounds yummi indeed!

I like gingerroot oil especially because it also helps to the little veins of extremities. fingers toes ears and for the man also the penis. There will be a better bloodcirculation. I was looking if I could refer this to a book but did not find any at this moment.

Hi Janine. Yes, it enhances bloodcirculation, very true! What i communicate about an oil here on Steemit is out of my own experience in my practise. When i need to work on bloodcirculation i choose a different oil. I would prefer rosemary or helicryse for that purpose....
I will help you find a source to verify this though! To be continued!

My knowledge , but also me should have a look where I based my knowledge on. Gingerroot oil has gor the same working as the herb Ginko biloba, now this is also a ginger root but not available as an essential ( I thought) I do agree with rosemary, but that is more particulair for the big bloodstream where ginko is specially working on the small cappilairs. If I make no sense in English I will have to continue in Dutch. :- )

Ha ha ik kan je uitstekend volgen hoor! Ja, gember is beter voor de kleine vaatjes. Maar het is sowieso wel een magische olie. Ik kreeg een keer een Breuss massage met gember olie en ik was in een klap van mijn post operatieve kniepijn af - heel bizar. Maar goed, da's een enkele ervaring. En als ik deel wil ik wel dat het wat breder gefundeerd is. Ik zal van de week ff een goede bron voor jou opsporen. Heb huer veel at - boeken.

ik zal ook kijken of ik hier wat vind maar dat is dan weer wel in het Frans denk ik, omdat mijn meest wetenschappelijke boek in het frans is :-) ( ik spreek het amper)

Ginger that makes us healthy.

It sure does!

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