Hyacinths for Sunday Scent Experience

Today is Sunday which means Sunday Scent Experience hosted by our dear friend @dutchess. Earlier this week we celebrated International Women's Day and I couldn't leave out the local flower market organized specially for this beautiful day. Now I'm showing you some hyacinth photos I took there.


Hyacinths are fragrant flowering plants often associated with spring and rebirth. For me hyacinths mean also 8th of March. I love the scent, it's elegant and special. I love it when my room smells like hyacinths.


Each hyacinth color has it's own fragrance. Unfortunately hyacinth bulbs are poisonous, so handle the bulb with care!


This is my entry for #ColorChallenge #SundayPurple as well.


Nice flowers! You've got me craving for a close-up shot! Nonetheless, they seem very relaxing to look at. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!

Imádom a jácint illatát!

Én is :)

Bunga yang bagus saya suka bunga.

wow !!!! what a variety of colors !!!!!! I also like the aroma of hyacinths. I did not know about the bulbs

Erika such a delightful post! Are they not happy flowers!? And they have such happy scent!
Sorry for my late reaction - i am over my head in work these days. Thank you for joining my dear Tsu friend ♡

I have to thank you for your kindness! I'm glad you like my flowers 😊 take care my dear Dutchess 🌷💖

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