Going Off-Grid With 30 Solar Panels! Installing Panels. Part 2!!

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Hey folks, WOW we are living in really exciting times. Getting off-grid is surely one of the most exciting things one can do. Politicians and their lies no longer mean much if one becomes totally off-grid and self sustaining and with this latest addition we are well on the way to achieving that....

Progress is imminent, these guys have been working on this system for around a week now and should be complete in two or three days now.

As far as views go how nice is this one with the Palm Tree in the backdrop?


Here we have a frontal view of the guys installing the cross beams. The landlady just recently had an argument with these installers about this structure not been sufficient enough. We get really high strong winds in this area and she certainly has a point, if in a storm this uplifts and blows away that will be hundreds of thousands of rands literally 'blown away' add extra supports they have!


As many of you that follow me know, I live in Pretoria South Africa, which is not a subtropical region by any means. As can be seen by all the glorious vegetation in these pics, it truly is bliss, paradise extraordinaire. I truly am so blessed to live here.

With this new addition we literally can survive on this property without leaving to go anywhere indefinitely all we may still need are a few cows, sheep and chickens :) As for the Sun. certainly no shortage of that to power these 30x280 watt panels.. Sunny South Africa truly is that, SUNNY!


On the right we have the main house, as can be seen here, Thatch. The reason this Solar System was not installed on the Thatch was due to a plethora of reasons mainly too heavy for this many panels on the roof!


The guys hard at work with their tools, 2 ladders up and down and securing the cross beams, next to check all the main foundations for integrity and start installing the Solar Panels.




Finally today they have started installing the panels on the steel structure. This should take these guys another day and from there the Electricians to do all the wiring, install the batteries and inverter and finalize this installation!



Check out my first Solar post here: https://steemit.com/solar/@craigcryptoking/going-off-grid-with-30-solar-panels-part-1

I will be making another post or two with the final trimmings all connected up and operational coming soon be sure to stay tuned for that. I will also be taking pics of the batteries, inverter and whatever else electronics this system will be utilizing!



This chap carrying the 280 watt panels to be installed on the steel structure. Already around 30% installed!


The last pic of the underside of this system. Here these need to be fully installed, connected and wired up and then coupled to the main board. This system will be running at least 4 buildings on the premises all the lights and electronics with the exception of the stoves and geysers, for now those will still be on grid!


Exciting right? Sun-Power certainly rocks! Trust you have an amazing week further!


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Panels look good, man! Congrats... it's nice to have energy without having to buy it from people you don't like.
Here in Canada, a few solar panels would not make a person very independent from the system. It would take quite a lot of other changes to free a person here! But that of course is the goal, to achieve independence and freedom at some point before I die. Maybe I will have to leave this country to make that happen, who knows.

Ye USA and Canada I hear police states nothing about them are the land of the brave and free. The world is going that way sadly though watch dollar vigilante on youtube he explains it best. Cheer$;)

I love the idea of off grid living, but here in Cape Town they have a stupid law, if you want to install solar, you have to apply for it, then they check your electricity use over the past three months, then you are only allowed to supplement a third of you electricity with solar. And on top of all that you are only allowed to switch it on once they sent someone to inspect the system and that can take up to 3-5 months

Ye sadly the 'government' seems to think they know better. The reason the world is a mess is as a result of government, decades of evil corruption and control, nothing more or less BUT alas, times are a changing and they are losing control through the internet, crypto and general global enlightenment as to their sinister plan (agenda 21 and more) basically what I am trying to say in the nicest possible term is.. F#$ck them! It's our time now. Cheer$;)

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Magic @c-squared thanks a ton much appreciated. Cheer$;)

Definite a good move going into the future with availability of sunlight.

My concern up on the highveld would be hailstone storms, never seen them build before so interesting in itself, look forward to seeing this all connected @craigcryptoking

Hey my friend long time are you well ?? True Story I think the glass is pretty thick but golf ball size hail and very high wind may be a rather large problem. Hope not though. Cheer$;)

All well down at the coast, had some rain which is awesome.

I would consider a motorized roll down tarpaulin cover about 20 cm above the glass to avoid hail damage, sadly wind normally comes with hail storms which may be ripped to shreds...

I remember those big stones being hauled down when we lived up that way.

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Thanks my friend will do!

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