I miss summer!!

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I want to share my thoughts with you.

It's a pretty cold period of the year and I just miss summer. I miss to wear T-shirts and to go to the lake. Summer should be on the entire year, in my opinion :))

This is me thinking about my friends on Steemit.

Did you see my dirty shoe? :))


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wow summer !!! , I miss it

what river it's that???

Beautyfull photography.....

Keep it up✌

Thank you!

I missed it toooooo .... go winter gooooo 😊😊😊


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summer wow, it is awesome to having summer, but your way of expressing the thoughts is credible. keep sharing like this post, I wanna see more like this.

Glad you like my posts

That's how I felt last week when it didn't get above freezing!! Not too much longer!

I understand you :))

I love winter! I believe we are lucky to have changing seasons, and having cold weather makes us appreciate the warm when we get it... I used to live in Australia with summer all year and I got tired of the heat. Must add that I love snow and the activities that come with that. Hope you'll enjoy some parts of the winter while you're waiting to wear that t-shirt! :) Helen

I like your point of view

well, there is summer the entire year in some places ;)

Yes, fortunately for those who live there

very nice photoes. I like these pictures.

Thank you very much

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