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The Johannesburg Succulent Society holds public shows twice a year and these are not-to-be -missed events for me. It was a very quiet show this year, apparently because it coincided with some or other international sports event. Frankly, I had no idea people had such skewed priorities... I was very pleased with the plants I got but because I did a little trading with a friend for a rare book that he wanted, a plant with someone else and received some gifts I actually came home with money and all of these plants. So, some succulents to feast your eyes on

E. gorgonis.jpg
Euphorbia gorgonis is a medusoid Euphorbia I have wanted for a while. It's still quite small but flowering away and full of seeds. I will definitely sow them when they are ripe.

haworthiopsis limifolia.jpg
Haworthiopsis limfolia var. striata

A. filamentosa.jpg
Anacampseros filamentosa is native to the area that I live in and this one has been grown in very shady conditions so it's very green and elongated. It will be important not to expose it to too much sun, too fast or it will be sunburned.

A pair of Adromischus, the one on the right is sphenophyllus and I'm not sure what the left one is. The sharp-eyed will notice that there's a free strand of Senecio, String of Pearls in the pot as well

new plants.jpg
Some little things: the top two are columnar crassula species and the bottom left is Gonialoe sladeniana. The plants on the right are not dead, they are conophytums, which go dormant in the summer heat. They will return once the weather cools and can be left without water for the next four months.

Sarcocaulon crassicaule is also known as Bushman's Candle as the stems are waxy and can burn for a long time if it is set alight. I don't intend setting fire to this little bush, though. These little shrubs are extremely slow-growing and this one is already a couple of years old.

Finally, one for the garden, Chinese Dunce's Cap, Orostachys iwarenge which is not a native plant, unlike the others. I will need to protect it from our sun a little.

I got one or two other plants but I think this is probably death by scrolling so I will stop here. I'll show some of the other show plants in later posts

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I love your wealth of knowledge on all these plants. Also, my finger isn't quite dead yet, so I could have managed a bit more scrolling! ;D

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How many did you take home?

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All of the above and about 3 or 4 more ;)

Fortunately i missed the orchid show this year who knows how many would have followed me home.

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As they do...

I think that true plant lovers came to this exhibition. For them, the main priority.


Wow! Very interesting looking plants from other planets!! The Chinese one looks very cute! You are really wild at the exhibition!

I hope the seeds will increase them by ten folds at least! So you could have a nursery one day!

It will get there. Seeds are not the only way to propagate most succulents

Of course! Seeds are slow to grow!
Waiting to see your nursery!

What was wrong with TSA?

Not sure. Seems they trying reignite South African participation. May you could ask questions @jaynie

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Hi @nikv TSA seems to have gradually dwindled to a stop and the original founder has been absent for a very long time. We would like to kick off with a fresh start and renewed energy :)

That white columnar crassula is adorable!
And the flammable bush too :)
Nice hunt!


I'm am always amazed by the complete differences in appearances of succulents.

The variety is immense

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