Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Tips to Get Success, From Reading to Use, Success in Job-Business

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that trust yourself because you can do more than you think.
Whatever cleaver people in the world have achieved, they have a clear vision about their hard work and life. Recently, Bill Gates, his wife Melinda Gates and founder of Facebook, Junkerberg have said many such things that success can be achieved by adopting life. Their tips have been told by Business Insider. Those who can be successful during the course of their studies, when they get a job, use them while doing business.

Trust yourself

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that trust yourself because you can do more than you think. Trust that you can learn anything. All in the Young Age hear that they do not have any work experience. The rest are more experienced than you. Zuckerberg said that when he started Facebook he was 19 years old.

Balance between work and home

Melinda Gates, Co-Chairman of The Bill and the Milinda Gates Foundation said that it is difficult for women to make balance between family, work and careers, but set their priorities in life. Also focus on your relation she said that she joins the Foundation a lot of work, but at the end of the day, her family and children are her Priority because they help her refresh and think new things.

Can not become a VP straight out of college

According to Bill Gates, you can not earn $ 60,000 a month immediately after leaving school. You can not even become a Vice President directly, Grow slowly but grow up You can not reach the height in one day You can do whatever you think, but for that you have to work. You must learn to digest your success.

Life is not easy, let's get it

If you are not getting what you want in life then you do not give up. Channelize your anger and frustration and take life in the right direction. Regardless of the difficulties in life, do not stay away from moving towards its goal.

Do good in life, I will get respect

Nobody in the world cares about your respect. The world first asks you to retain something for yourself. Only then do people respect you and feel good about you.

Your Parents Are Not Responsible for Errors

If you do wrong then your parents are not responsible for this, learn from your mistakes and move on. Learn from all your mistakes and correct it. Stop throwing stones at others. You will be able to improve only when you face your mistakes and shortcomings. Do not rely on your parents to improve your mistakes

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Helpfull article for all employes and businessman

It's all about Dedication and Focus. In order to get success, we have to sacrifice a hell lot of things.

always the best!

nice to learn about this three legend

These tips are really confidence booster ! Impressive (:

Yess these really are the key points to succeed...

these tips can help a #employee as well as a #business person in the world

Thanx for motivational tips

Yes they very well but we also keep in mind just keep going not see what people think if u have positive things to do just keep go

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Motivating...!! Best thing is trust yourself...

really true no one can achieve success within a day or night its slow and steady

Timely Decision
Hard Work
Sincere about work
You !

Very good tricks to help businessman as well employees.

Wow so much value. Thanks for sharing with us.

This is good....

The key is, you have to be smart in what you do, somtimes working hard is not good enough, that's what these legend teach us.

Success comes with proper devotion,regular hardwork and lot of sacrifices..!!!

@aliwajid absolutely true!!!we have to be persistent in what we do in order to become successful in life!!nothing comes easy

very inspiring!!

some important lines to use in life!

believe in yourself and trust you will succeed. There is a great words by Napolean Hill--- Have a burning Desire backed with Faith...and believe you will succeed

of course, should be in right track.

Great content bro.

believe in yourself

They have bunch of tips to give, we should follow them.

Dedication and patience is all you need to succeed in any field to become pioneers like them

Very helpful tips

damn, it adds soo much value to my knowledge