What can be learned from Robert Cialdini persuasion techniques?

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The Power of Persuasion Robert B. Cialdini is best known for his book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’. As a professor of Psychology and Marketing in university of Arizona, he has spent several years in doing research on social psychology. He spent around three years ‘undercover’ applying for jobs in telemarketing firms, fund raising organizations, used car dealers to understand the techniques people used for persuasion, and the outcome is one of the most sought after book on psychology of persuasion, which has been translated in to 26 languages and of which, over 2 million copies has been sold.

In his book Dr. Cialdini has given six principles of persuasion, which are, Reciprocity, Commitment and Consistency, Social Proof, Authority, Liking and Scarcity. These principles are related with human psychology, so they can be implemented in any trade, requiring influence and persuasion to get going. Now let’s see what are these principles and how we can benefit from their application.


This principle says ‘People try to return favor‘. If a friend of yours brings a birthday present for you, you try to remember his birthday and give him a present. The psychological behavior is well exploited by marketers. Remember your neighborhood shop offering you a free sample of their product? Or a shoemaker offering return guarantees if you didn’t like the product. They know that their customer will come back to return the favor.


Commitment and Consistency

This principle says ‘If people commit to an idea or goal, made a choice, or taken a stand, orally or in writing, they encounter interpersonal and personal pressure to stick to them. They try to do the things, which are consistent with their commitment. For example, in case we start following a person in twitter, or subscribe to some RSS feed in the internet and later we realize that we are not reading them and unsubscribing would reduce the noise considerably, we still keep deferring it. We all have seen sales agents even trying to get an informal nod for their products; it gives them huge psychological advantage during one to one meeting.

Social Proof

‘People tend to do things, which they see other people doing’. If you recall any advertisement of detergent powder or toothpaste, or any other FMCG product per say, what comes in to your mind? A large number of people claiming that they use the product and you tend to think that the product is actually good. This is simply Social Proofing.



‘People tend to obey authority figure, even if they are asked to do objectionable things’. The authority also comes from perceived expertise in the subject matter. Remember, a film star with big muscles, endorsing a food supplement in television, or a beautiful actress endorsing a cream or lotion. Since the endorser has the quality, that the product claims to result, they have the authority. Now imagine the same actor endorsing cream or lotion and the beautiful actress endorsing food supplement, doesn’t sound authoritative.


We tend to say yes to the people we like the most. This is the concept used by Tupperware of other network marketing product companies. They make their agents, which sell their products to the loved ones.


Cialdini said ‘Perceived scarcity generates demand’. It is most common to see people rushing for limited period sales offer, or airlines displaying last few seats left, or companies offering exciting prizes to first few buyers. These all create perceived scarcity.


The six principles given by Cialdini are landmark in itself and are well exploited by sales and marketing companies.



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Hi dear! I like the books which talk about psychology and their theories , but some people never believe in the psychological studies, because they didn’t know the importance of it to understand every one depends on his reaction, the way of talking, imagine just when your mood not good, and you go to make a shopping, be sure that your mood will change 100%.


it's nice to hear such a sensible comment. Thank you so much!

again a wonderful post dear @tanata
Robert Cialdini persuasion techniques play a very beneficial role in the case of economic. . Your posts really help us to know a lot. . Thank you for much sharing a wonderful post,which is very useful. . keep it up dear stay blessed

Greetings, beautiful, sweet and cute Tanata

This author is famous here in Brazil. The marketing and sales people really like him and use his books in his work.

The topic I find most interesting, which I included in my tcc on finance and psychology, is related is social proof. However, another author, called Solomon Asch, was used. He writes of SOCIAL INFLUENCE, where a person tends to speak something, even if wrong, if a large number of people initially say something wrong about it.

For example, 50 people enter a room and everyone knows the experience, minus one. The examiner places 2 scratches on the board. One has 15 cm and another 25 cm. Everyone who knows from experience says that the largest is 15 cm. The weight that does not know is in doubt and also says that the largest is the 15 cm, even knowing that the 25 cm is clearly larger. She tends to get carried away by the social "spirit" and says something wrong to be "accepted" by the group !!!!!

Thanks for posting Tanata.

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Oh, I always enjoy your messages! I am very pleased to know that there are people who carefully read my posts. You are a very competent and educated person. I'm sorry that I can not pay more for your comments. Thank you!


I read with great affection. I think you are a very good person. We would like to be friends in real life as well, but since it is not possible, we can be here.

Soon, I will have more sp and I will be able to repay what you have done for me.

Thank you very much, Tata. : D

I think Commitment and Consistency is the main key, all of them favour a good trade but Commitment and Consistency is the one which helps to achieve goals at a faster pace.

Robert Cialdini persuasion techniques is really our economic i am agree with your good opinion.its discussion analysis is really very interesting and effective ...thank u very much for your good post sharing.dear @tanata

His work really yielded him fruit not only to him but to the rest of world
Um really influenced by this books Influence
For sure I'm going to read and apply these principles

Thanks, interesting read! Those principles seem obvious when you think about it :D

Robert Cialdini persuasion techniques is really effective for economics...
Its also helpful for economics....@tanata...
His discussion and analysis is really very interesting and effective ...
Thanks for sharing a good article

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Thank you for sharing the story of cialdini, about marketing its a good story weve been learned a little bit about marketing.

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Really nice and motivating.. how ever a certain kind of humans don't understand the whole of psychology and how it works in their minds

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