The Art Of Aligning The 'Self' With A Future Challenge || Why 'Being Authentic' Is One Of The Biggest Myths In Business

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To double your income, triple your investment in self-development. - Robin Sharma

It's a common belief that 'being yourself' is a key to success. To be honest, it's been my own strategy for a long time until I changed it.

Growth in business especially requires a corresponding self-development. If you want to achieve something you've never done, you need to be up to go all in - and undergo a complete makeover.

Those who pursue enduring growth, need to align their whole selfs with their future vision.

Here's to the importance of self-development in the process of change.

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Rise to the challenge!

One of the essential drivers to success is a perfectly developed consciousness for the own 'self'.

As long as you don't know who you are, it's going to be complicated to defined who you wanna become. Also growing the personality that will be able to implement your future plans requires time and discipline.

If you did a survey among top managers, I bet there'd be not only one who didn't need to change his own 'self' in order to come further in business.

Nobody is born as a leader

Habits, customs and established processes need to be challenged and re-aligned with the new focus.

Strong character traits need to be strengthened in such way that weak points tend to disappear. Everybody is good at something, and with hunger for success comes willingness to improve yourself.

Once you've begun to notice the impact, it'll start to get itchy.

Big footsteps need big feet to be filled. So go grow them!

We rise to new challenges and dreams that are bigger than ourselves.

Best (of luck),
Marly -

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Comment on your nice wisdom
"Being Authentic"
Really the greatest fairy tale
What matters is the quality and utilitarian

Self development
Criticism of the dominant behavior .. With the will of the solution
Is the best solution

So true!! I started my own business 3.5 years go and it has been one the hardest things I've ever done...I'm definitely not naturally a leader but I have had to step up in this role and it still challenges me daily. Thanks for another awesome post!


Great insight and congratulations to your achievements! Thanks for stopping by and adding a real story to these rather theoretical essay :-)

Absolutely true. I think people who are really successful end up giving pretty bad advice about success sometimes. They say "be yourself" and "just do what you love."

The thing is, if you push yourself to become great, you have to become a person who is great. Once you achieve those dreams, that successful person is who you are, so those people who say that aren't lying. It is who they are, but that doesn't mean they started out that way. It doesn't mean everyone is bound for greatness no matter who they are. You have to become that great person, then you can be yourself and find success.

As far as doing what you love, people who become great at something will undoubtedly love it. Does everyone love doing math? Unlikely. Would people enjoy being a CEO of a revolutionary tech company with fame and brand value? Absolutely. That's a total dream job. I'm sure the person who has that job is really passionate about it and loves what they do. That doesn't mean they loved what they did when they had to study math to get into the career path that led to being a CEO. It doesn't mean they didn't have to work at jobs they didn't love along the way. Planning to pursue a job that you love is important, but you'll never get where you want to go if you aren't willing to do some unpleasant things along the way.

Anyways, great post! It's a point of view that is unfortunately hard to find these days.


Great read! Thank you @reidlist.
Even if you're in the lucky position of turning a passion into your business, there will be always parts of it you don't like. Even the best chef in the world started cutting onions one day. Only those who are willing to pass these different levels, will really come to the top in the end.

Again, thanks for stopping by and sharing your valuable thoughts :-)


I am not sure about this sentence "Would people enjoy being a CEO of a revolutionary tech company with fame and brand value? Absolutely. That's a total dream job."


Sure, you can substitute being a cover photographer for Time magazine, a star runningback for a super-bowl winning team, a board member of a non profit that changes the world. I think it's safe to say being the CEO of Google or Apple is a dream job though.


You are right!! we have no right to say what people's dream should be, since that dream can be the right to have a Dream.

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We all need to keep growing, and to grow we need to do some introspection. Funny, I was thinking about this same subject and about recognizing our mistakes and try to change them to keep growing, I made a similar post a few days ago. I feel this post is very much in the same line.

Heads up, Steem voter and the such are down for this week :/


Thanks for your support (that monster upvote)!
Good to see that we were blog posting in a similar direction. I think the difference between our articles is that you were talking about decision making and recognizing mistakes, while I was pretending to say that we need to change our personalities to be able to achieve our goals - not necessarily avoiding mistakes since this is human, but working hard on our character traits. People tend to strive for the exact opposite of what/who they are, and that's a great benefit when it comes to living your dreams. An introvert wants and needs to become an extrovert in ordert o achieve his mission, a quiet person starts to discover her talkative self in order to verbalize her target... etc.

Seems that Steemvoter is controlling the whole platform already. That's scary!


Well, not avoiding, recognizing them to correct them to change and improve, i think the key wordson both are "change and achieve" ^^

Great insight and once one has the education and/or experience for their particular project or endeavor there needs to be a dedication to seeing the growth and the finished project. Any project has problems but to be successful we need to commit to "holding on" until success is realized.


Haha, thanks for the visualization of your words! No I'm full of compassion, that definitely hurt.
And regarding your statement: yes, persistence is key. Every new challenge is a journey full of ups and downs. Only those who are prepared for both will succeed in the end.


Autsch! (german for Ouch)
The world belongs to the courageous.

Born to be Alive fällt mir da immer - go go Marlene :-)


Always!! :-)

It seems to achive a goal, you didn't achive yet - you maybe need to grow to a version of you which you not achived yet.

This post is just great - thank you a lot!


Thanks for your compliment, I'm happy you enjoyed the read in such way!

  ·  last year (edited)

You are very welcome! :-)

Do the math. Equation will tell the outcome.
Most people do not believe this long term equation and gives up .

Impressive,Thanks for sharing your concept.

Great post. What I learned in personal development that helping me the most is taking responsibility, commitment and acting despite the fear. Yes and you have to dream big:).

What a motivating post! Good luck to you in all of your goals and dreams!!

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.” “There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a person being themselves. Imagine going through your day being unapologetically you.”


Hm, I've got a different perspective.
Self-acceptance can't ever lead to personal growth. If you accept weak points, you won't ever be able to develop yourself.

Upvote and resteem done done.




I have no idea either, haha! :-D

Great information keep it up upvote and resteem

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Thanks for sharing your valuable concept.
Carry on my friend.

Amazing dear.Thanks a lot for sharing it.
Upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for the important info..👍

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wow!!!!!so informative ...........i will apply this knowledge in my business





Sometimes I'm truly impressed by the creativity people develop when commenting blog posts...:-D


awww come on, CAPITALS and everything here! :D :D


This is why I have no drive to be awesome at 'business' - at least not someone else's business.

I don't wish to be dishonest to my 'self' in order to get ahead of other people as equally deserving as I.

That doesn't sit well with me - I don't play the bullshit bingo in meetings, or tell managers what they want to hear. Others have and I've watched them climb, and being paid well.

So yeah it's true, you gotta man/woman up if you want to be big in business, and at times that will include making those waves that push others aside while you surf on top :D


there is no true "self", it is all an illusion made up by your own ego, who is to determine what the true nature of your character looks like? yourself? society? you're gonna be a different person to whoever you meet anyway, so it's not about corrupting yourself but rather about being what you were meant to be in the first place


@ikigai: I would like to come to this point to really let go of the concept of an "I" - though this is one of the toughest, difficult to understand goals. One must first dig really deep into the teachings of those giants on which shoulders we stand.

(Or being a physicist who is on the verge to find out that there is no smallest particle or "wavicle":)

I am on that path - if I would feel deadly ill right now in this second or were about to die, maybe I would let go of my "I". But it feels still so familiar to stick to the concept that I'll probably will hold on just for some more time. Don't know, as I write this I think, I probably could decide just out of a whim to not to believe any longer that there is an "I".

In the end it's just words. And all of them could be understood as to my pleasure or my pain. I can beg to differ or decide that no "opinion" can harm me.

Good luck on your journey of life!


Weil in deinem Name "Germany" steht nehme ich einfach mal an, dass du deutsch bist:D

Falls ja, kann ich dir das Buch "Ego-Tunnel" von Metzinger nur wärmstens empfehlen.


A good start is: "Never let your ego talk to anyone"


I disagree.

I think there is the real you, beyond ego.

Hidden behind the illusion of self is an illuminous part of your being that is your true self.

At this level, which is beyond the ego, blissfulness doesn’t waver and happiness doesn’t subside. Since the deepest desire of every human being is to find lasting levels of fulfillment, it should be everyone’s primary objective to start living from this place.

Stolen from but i had a 1000 options.


Then again, what does your "true self" look like and how can you be sure you found it, not just some gimmick your mind is coming up with

I like the ending of your source, doesn't say much about anything does it


With respect, I think you need to keep on looking.


Maybe you don't need to play bullshit bingo to come further in business. Self-development doesn't necessarily mean that you need to fit it some already existing structure no matter what.
I was rather talking about entrepreneurship where you grow into a certain position that is completely defined by yourself...


I was rather talking about entrepreneurship where you grow into a certain position that is completely defined by yourself...

Yes this is the goal! You can certainly put away the BS bingo cards if you reach this point. And I'm sure you will :D

Buen post comi siempre saludos ;)


Muchas gracias! Qué tal esos Reyes en La Palma? Te trajeron mucho? :-)

congratulation @surfermarly.

BECause change is the only constant thing in this world and by that we grow and become the better versions of ourselves. :)

but our life is a current sequence of change in the sense of development - so being oneself does not mean standing still - in opposite, living up to the moment of experience, gained knowledge and understanding forms our "being" anew every single day - or maybe every seven years ;-) Some myths are stating, we leave our old skin behind once every seven years! Thus adapt to the changes the world around us has taken and our present being is undertaking with it... My journey through life has so far been perfect with the "being myself" attitude - and for sure I am not at the same spot of being today as I was some decades or even years before.... cheers from the Seven Mountains in Germany


I've got a different perspective on self-development in a sense that life doesn't form my personality but I actively form it and then life is directed towards the destination where I want it to be. I don't like the idea of "my life is controlling me" but rather prefer to control life by myself :-)

Cheers from Canary Islands to my home country!

Thanks for sharing such an awesome message

Thanks for the post. I just remembered the line: Man grows with his tasks:-) suitable to the topic

When we strive to become better than we are, everything arounds us becomes better, too. Also, I think one of the biggest challenges of life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else... Great post!

I agree with you, but it's not always easy to be yourself. Cheers! : )

Always top inspirational posts from You


Danke Sweetie!!! :-*

  ·  last year (edited)

I love that first Quote!! It's so true! I've got friends who have invested $40,000+ into themselves in order to help them move forward in whatever venture they are going into!

Well @surfermarly !

Authenticity and Honesty in any phase of life make your worth double and make one more prestigious when it comes to Business. Life is not a bed of roses so is the Success. Everyone has to work hard with specific aim like laser light, then success comes in ones feet. Development of Personality is necessary and i do agree upon this factor as you said;

Also growing the personality that will be able to implement your future plans requires time and discipline.

One become what he thinks and there is nothing which man can not get. The thing which one can imagen, chances are there he can get it through his character and hard work. Fraud and Cheating can ruin one's worth as in Quran Allah says;

“And measure full when you measure. And weigh with an even balance. This is better and its end is good.” [Al-Bani-Israel: 35]

Thanks for this motivational life-learning Blog Miss Marly

Stay Blessed, Steem On!

Hi Marly, a very interesting post and after some hours of sleep I know now what to answer. Self development is to 100% necessary but self development includes to develope in your your direction. There are so many teachers who promises so many things but I think everybody has to find his own way. Like Muhammed Ali had his own style and Mike Tyson fought completely different. Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is different from Picasso's Jacqueline.
You develope to be 100% yourself.


Sure! That's why it is called self-development :-)


And this has something to do with being authentic.Like Da Vinci can't be a perfect Picasso or the other way round. The article is great but being yourself/ authentic is major key but without development it is nothing.

Thanks for sharing, you just made me a better person

  ·  last year (edited)

Sometimes i wonder of you are in my mind @surfermarly
I haven't always thought this way though
But with an introduction to a recent business which i joined, all the books I have read have changed my perspective and mentality into thinking this way!
Wisdom is knowledge and action, a knowledge becomes a fact after it has been tested by actions and it stands true. This post of forging yourself to align with your envisioned future has been tested and its trusted. But there is still one problem. According to fredrich Nietzsche;
We all know the right thing to do, but doing it is the problem.
And still if you know what to do but do not do, it is said that you do not know.
What are your opinions as regards dis ma'am?

Robin Sharma is one of the best writers. I read his book "The monk who sold his Ferrari" and is one of the best books I read.
I also enjoyed reading your blog. Great work!

wow, it is an amazing post. really inspirational. some of the lines are very worthy. Growth in business especially requires a corresponding self-development. it is really amazing line. thanks for sharing. stay blessed. :)


Thanks for your positive feedback, @atiqur! :-)