Here's a McLaren 570s GT4... with the Signatum logo on it

in success •  2 years ago  (edited)

Have you heard of Signatum? There are a few interesting posts right here on Steemit about it, but had it not been for its listing in Whattomine, it would have flown completely under my radar.

It's an interesting idea: Proof of Work mining for awhile, then switch to Proof of Stake. There are a few coins trying this idea, but Signatum is doing it on a much shorter timeline.

One of the members of the Signatum community, a professional driver for a Swedish racing team, recently posted a video of a McLaren 570s GT4 that has the Signatum logo on its front and rear bumpers.

Even if you're not a petrol head, this is pretty awesome.

Those with some SIGT are invited to donate, if they can, to help out. Here's the address: BR4KqdR2o7udU4BKK4k8R6TGCKM3CHzaaE

(Yes, this is my first post since my intro. I've been agonising over what my first post should be and then this cropped up. So I figured why not... my first post may as well be something quick and  fun.)

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Wow that is great where can you find the Signatum Sticker Logos ?