What people thinks about Maker 25 June 2018

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2018-06-25 00:14:35

RT @MadAnter: The maker of #HotDogWater says that his product increases brain function. But I believe the only people that buy Hot Dog Wate…


2018-06-25 00:14:34

The big deal maker #Trump thinks it’s better to trash #Democrats than to work with them for a nonpartisan bill. https://t.co/DLpAlNDYZc


2018-06-25 00:14:25

Alexa Bliss a #goddess, a FIVE time #womens champion, a #history maker and a true #fighting champion. I'm so proud… https://t.co/13MxzptvJl


2018-06-25 00:14:22

President Trump, Deal Maker? Not So Fast - The New York Times https://t.co/iq5PQ997Wa


2018-06-25 00:14:14

@realDonaldTrump What a deal-maker you have turned out to be. Control both houses and still can’t get this or healthcare done. SAD!


2018-06-25 00:14:10

RT @scarsdalepub: The Demon Earl finds that being married to an innocent temptress isn’t convenient at all #romancenovels #sexyromance #boo


2018-06-25 00:14:01

@realDonaldTrump You are quite the deal maker. NOT!


2018-06-25 00:13:54

StartUp Weekend Toronto was a ton of fun to judge!!!! congrats to Maker Night for winning https://t.co/r4HesrSnYR


2018-06-25 00:13:51

RT @CigarAficMag: VIDEO | Marvin R. Shanken, editor and publisher of Cigar Aficionado, smokes the Don Carlos Eye of the Shark with its make…


2018-06-25 00:13:47

RT @BrazilStat: Pelé vs Romania, World Cup 1970.

The authentic no.10 shirt, his strength was in being the play-maker who makes the whole t…

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