That will lead you towards success

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That will lead you towards success

Worry situations make a man depressed and lead him to destruction. If you want to get to know some ways that can solve your worry situation, then read this article carefully. I’d like to share a true story taken from the book “How to stop worrying and start living” by Dale Carnegie. The story is about engineer Willis H. Carrier, the founder of the first air-conditioning industry- In the young age, Willis used to work for Buffalo Forge Company. There, he was assigned for installing a gas cleaning device in a plant of Plate Glass Company. But he failed as the installation did not work well enough as he guaranteed. He became really worried. He lost sleep. Suddenly, he discovered that worry was not taking him to any positive outcome. So, he tried to find a way to get rid of it. Finally, he found out a magical theory to handle the problem without worrying. It worked for him. And after that, he used his theory for the rest of his life and became a successful person.

His magical theory included three steps:

  • He analyzed the situation without fear and thought about what worst could possibly happen as a result of the failure. There was a possibility for him to lose his position and also there was a chance for him to face a loss of twenty thousand dollars.

  • After finding the worst possible result, he made himself to accept that, if necessary. He thought to himself that he might lose his job and position.

    After this step, he began to feel relaxed and had peace of mind. He found out that he was no more worried like before.

  • After being relaxed, he was able to try to improve the worst.

  • And finally, he found a way that had led him to a 15 thousand dollars profit instead of a 20 thousand dollars loss! The three steps he figured out may not work only for him. It must work for us too. So make the steps work for you to get rid of worrying. So, don’t be worried. Face it just how Carrier did. You are sure to succeed. Carrier himself is an example of that.
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