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Well, its not a new lesson for anyone that has been around the world to know that life is a journey that mostly starts small(exception of some severely rare cases), we start small and with time grow big, sometimes, even to a stage we cant control. But then, its one of the most difficult task to ever be engaged with, that is, waiting patiently to see what you began, just like a mustard seed, grow to become a great tree that even turns out to be a source of help to other people.

Well, this has been proven to be the best approach to any project in life that is worth it though, So if you are ever working on something you believed it would turn out well but it seems like, its to slow in getting to your desire, just be patient still, you are not weak, or dumb, or stupid to be patient. Also remember that when it gets tougher on a right course, its probably because you are getting close to success.



a good reminder; congrats and thanks for the great lines!

A very good message and one that is important to remind ourselves. Success on Steem doesnt happen instantly. I am here about 3 weeks and my account has grown nicely in terms of friends and posts. That is what is important. We tend to get caught up in the material success (money) when that isnt where the focus needs to be.

I want what people who are here a year have without putting in the year. Like all of us, I need to put my time in.


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yeah, its really important to remind ourselves of patience every moment
thanks for the comment.

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