A Simple Yet Surprisingly Powerful Productivity Hack

in success •  3 years ago

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Struggling to be productive? Full of thoughts yet lacking action?

This method will get you going.

For the next week do the following:

Everyone morning, take a out a piece of paper. Write down everything you want to do that day.

Then, at the end of the day take out another piece paper and write down everything you actually did.

Be sure to include that you watched three hours of T.V.

No cheating.

That's it. Do this for a week straight and I PROMISE you'll become more productive.

Because we all apparently lack time, it's important to see where the time really goes.

In regard to my own productivity, today was not a good day.

The truth is a great way to get you up off your ass and dive into the work you so desperately want to do.

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Lol... I personally think that a desire to succeed should be more of a motivator than shame but whatever works I guess... I would add to prioritize the things you want to get done each day so you don't spend time doing things that aren't important in your life


Totally understand where you're coming from @james-mac. Perhaps I misworded.

The point is, we often tell ourselves one thing, and then our BEHAVIOR doesn't map. That's the point of the post. :)

Thanks for the comment.


Very true... I have definitely been guilty of that


I actually agree with you on this, I changed it to "the truth"