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RE: Quality Sunday time

Glad you got a little break. Sounds like you had fun with you boy.

Not much going on here and particularly quiet on the home ed front, so I'm glad you posted. Theycallmedan has a contest on who you follow and why if you have the time.


Yeah it was a good day.
Its been quiet for me too. I sonetimes see the homeed discord but never get chance to properly look. I’m sure things will pick up.

I’ve been seeing a few ‘Who You Follow On Steem and Why’ posts and did wonder what was going down... but it’s great to know @theycallmedan is behind it. He always has intereting initiatives and huge energy.

I my energy is lacking lately, so I need to make a special effort to get going my steem mojo again!

Sometimes you need a little break as well, though. Hopefully your mojo will return soon.