Quality Sunday time

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Today has been a sublime sunday.

It’s the first proper day off I’ve taken in weeks of non-stop work. And stress.

I’ve enjoyed today spending quality time with my boy T, firstly starting the day with pancakes with the family, then heading off to a kids climbing (bouldering) session.
He LOVED it.


It was busy there, what with the current storm in the UK, so people are trying to keep busy by doing indoor stuff.
But the kids got loads of attention and were satisfied. It looked like brilliant fun.

We followed the climb up in the afternoon with a fun little video shoot, where he did another episode for his gaming ‘channel’.


He loves making these videos and is a total natural on camera.
He played one of his iPad games called Snailbob 2 and he did great in explaining what he is doing to his viewers!

We finished the day with a film (Peter Rabbit) which he enjoyed.


It’s been good to get away from work and also check in on STEEM for a bit :)

It’s been tricky for me to properly keep up with what’s going in here over the last few weeks.
So any highlights in the comments are welcome 😆

Cheers all, keep on steeming 🤟🏻


Glad you got a little break. Sounds like you had fun with you boy.

Not much going on here and particularly quiet on the home ed front, so I'm glad you posted. Theycallmedan has a contest on who you follow and why if you have the time.

Yeah it was a good day.
Its been quiet for me too. I sonetimes see the homeed discord but never get chance to properly look. I’m sure things will pick up.

I’ve been seeing a few ‘Who You Follow On Steem and Why’ posts and did wonder what was going down... but it’s great to know @theycallmedan is behind it. He always has intereting initiatives and huge energy.

I my energy is lacking lately, so I need to make a special effort to get going my steem mojo again!

Sometimes you need a little break as well, though. Hopefully your mojo will return soon.


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Action packed day for you both. Hope the work stress has diminished and you get more days that start with pancakes!!

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Mate that’s so true - a day a that begins with pancakes can’t go far wrong!

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