IM BACK! and what a Sublime Sunday it was!

in #sublimesunday4 years ago (edited)

Hellllllo all my dear friends!

IM BACK! :) , well, almost :)

This was one full on week! One definitely for a #SublimeSunday and #BeautifulSunday tag!
Last Sunday was when our new addition to the family was born :)


I want to thank all of you who sent me your blessings from around the world and gave me your love and support, I really appreciate it! This is one of the main reasons I LOVE STEEMIT!
It is amazing, one day being admitted to hospital, giving birth, and then finding myself at home the next day!! 24 hours and you're home (if there are no complications, of course).

As my hands are pretty full I will try to get back to my postings very soon !


Love you all!

Have a great,
and exciting
week! :)

Much Love ❤️


Congratulations for more #beautifulsunday with the addition to the family.

you're welcome

Congratulations, it has no doubt been a busy and exciting week. Lot's more work to come as well looking after the little one.

So pleased it all went so smoothly for you, hopefully you are getting to chance to have some rest yourself between everything else!


Thanks dear @c0ff33a! Trying to get some rest and juggling all the rest at the same time💪😁

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Welcome back!

Thank you, thank you!!
I love that blue emoji!!🤗😄

Take your time, rest well, enjoy your newborn and be back only when you can xoxoxoxo

Thank you luv!😙

Nice to know everything went well @cooknbake!

Take care! 😍

Thank you dear @arrliin! I appreciate that! 🤗 Have a great day!!😁🥂

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Hearties Congratulations my dear for the little bundle of joy that you have in your family. Love and blessings for the little Angel. I am sure the coming days for you are going to be rocking. Happy Motherhood my friend


Thank you so much @awesome-seven! Been missing you around here🤔🤔

Congrats again! Glad that you are back! :)

You are so very welcome!

Only see this now. Big congrats!! Enjoy these precious moments xxx

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