Winners of Share The Steem Love Competition No 23 - with a bit of a twist!!!

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Hi everyone!! @stsl here with the results of #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition No 23.

We had 2 really, really good nominations this week, and so much community support for both. Not as many nominations that we usually have, but that's okay. We still had great community engagement and support for the nominees who did come through.

Let's find out who this week's winners are!!

The Winners

The 2 nomination we had were:

NominatorRep ScoreNomineeRep ScoreVotesCountry

I fed each nomination into my voting algorithm and the results which came out the other side were as follows:

NominatorNomineeFinal Score

And so with 137.212 points as a final score, the winn..... Error Error Error !!!>

We seem to have an error!!! There seems to be a discrepancy in the votes.... there has been a breach of the rules with a self vote on @enginewitty's nomination. Now I know that @enginewitty is a straight up guy, and wouldn't intentionally break a rule. He's not that kind of guy, but rules are rules... and rule numbers 6, 7 and 10 have been broken... Oh Noooooo!!!!!!

Error!! Error!! I cannot compute!!!

This is against my mission to Share The Steem Love!! How can I disqualify anyone for nominating someone else!! I must adjust my rules for next time to prevent this error.

So now, for this time only, I am invoking rule number 12:

The decision on who the winners of my competitions are is final, and no protests will be entertained. This is about Sharing the Steem Love, and not who is "entitled" to claim a prize.

Due to the high score of @redheadpei, and on account of the self upvote from @enginewitty who I know wouldn't intentionally break a rule, I have decided to award upvotes for 60 days to ALL 4 entrants!! Yes, That's right, ALL 4. The SBD Rewards will be doubled by @bmj, traded for STEEM and split 4 ways to each of the nominators and winners. That just feels right for me to do this week.

So, this week EVERYBODY WINS!!!!

My next week's competition will have a modified rule structure so nobody get disqualified, but will incur a penalty for breaking a rule. I think that is a fairer approach, don't you?

So there we have it.... @enginewitty and @redheadpei, and @tonie and @mermaidvampire all get added to my prizewinners voting list, and share some Steem Love!

Here is @enginewitty's nomination!

Here is @tonie's nomination

The Prize

The competition post SBD reward payout was 2.868 SBD, which has been doubled by @bmj to 5.736 SBD and traded for 4,462 STEEM on the internal market. This has been shared betwen @enginewitty, @redheadpei, @tonie and @mermaidvampire (1.116 STEEM each). @enginewitty, @redheadpei, @tonie and @mermaidvampire have also been added to my prizewinners upvote list, and will be receiving upvotes from me for the next 60 days. This must be one of my favorite parts of my mission to Share The Steem Love!!

My current upvote settings can be found in my latest status report here.

The post payout:
author reward.PNG

The trade is complete:
transfer trade.PNG

The transfers have been made:
steem transfers.PNG

You Gotta be in it to win it!!

My next #stsl - Share The Steem Love competition will start next week some time, so look out for my post, and enter to win!

My current list of winners, receiving upvotes form me on the prizewinners tiers are:

That's all from me today, keep an eye out for my next competition ost, and start thinking of someone you might like to nominate to win!

Until next time, have a great weekend!!!


I really had a good laugh reading this. THANK YOU SO MUCH, @stsl. You have no idea how this means so much to me. Hopefully I can return the favor soon, because this is an awesome initiative you have here. I promise, I will try my best to make sure your votes will all be for good content and will be directly shared to the causes and communities I want as beneficiaries. I believe generosity is contagious, this help you have for me will be multiplied out there. You did not just let me and my good Steemit friend, @tonie win but also a number of red fishes and minnows out there. Thank you so much, once again. Best of luck in everything. Keep this up.

So, this week EVERYBODY WINS!!!!

You are very generous my friend <3

hello everyone please share steemlove for my girlfriend @xxkathaxx
Thank you!

Hello @stsl... Honestly, I didn't expect we won! This is my second attempt to join your great contest and finally, we won! Thank you so much for sharing your blessing not just the 4 of us who won today, but for the steemians who received your awesome initiative by helping us... I would like to extend my gratitude to @bmj and the stsl for giving us the chance to win... This will give us the inspiration to continue steeming... I'm glad too that you saw the effort of my friend @mermaidvampire, she's been writing a good content and helpful in our community. Thank you to all who supported my comments...

Thank you so much!!!! And more blessings come your way!!!

Congratulations to all!!!

Yaaay! Congrats @tonie and @mermaidvampire.
Well deserved. :)

Thank you for your support hehehehe

Thanks so much @stsl and @bmj for your support and generosity. I will do my best to keep the love flowing. ❤️ Thanks for understanding any unintentional broken rules.
Congrats to @mermaidvampire and @tonie.
I truly appreciate @enginewitty, @thealliance family and all who supported my nomination. Much love 🤗 💕

Congratulations @redheadpie and @enginewitty... We are truly blessed for winning this contest... Thanks to our host @stsl and @bmj, we owe you a lot for this...

Congratulation to @mermaidvapire and @tonie .I hope I could win too next time..

Bwaha! Wicked awesome! Now that's sharing some STEEM love right there! Congrats everyone!

Congratulations everyone. You are all winners! It is always uplifting to witness Steem Love in action @stsl Well Done!

Congrats to the winners :)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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