#stsl - Share The Steem Love Status Update 29-05-2018 - Smooth Sailing - Competition No 24 ending soon!!

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Hi everyone!!

Time for a quick update... Nothing major to report so far this week. My voting Power is back up in the 90's and sitting comfortably right now at around 94%. If it gets higher than 96%, I'm going to go and Share The Steem Love around on some posts a little, until I'm back to where I am now.

Let's see what's happening with #stsl - Share The Steem Love...

What's cooking with my Competition?

Share The Steem Love Competition No 24 is in full swing over here. Head on over to see what's going on, and show your support to some of the nominees. The community support and engagement has been fantastic.


Our friend @enginewitty is up to his tricks again, and seems to be stuck in 1842, when Texas was its own country! I'm not sure how far we can bend the rules this time, buddy!! But we'll see how the voting works out, and who comes out the other side of my algorithm as the winner. Your nomination is very good, but there are also some other good ones in the running!!

There is still time to get your entries in, so find someone in your community who you belive in and who deserves an extra boost on their posts from me, and you could win upvotes from me for you and your nominee for 60 days. You could also win some STEEM!!

Team #STSL

Team #STSL is my amazing team of delegators. They're the ones who keep me fueled up with Steem Power, and allow me to continue with my mission to Share The Steem Love. Without them, I couldn't upvote the 100+ posts and authors I support every day! Thank you to all my past and present Team #STSL members!!

Team #STSL is:

@flipstar, @bmj, @ghoba.handcrafts, @shellyduncan,
@buggedout, @foovler, @phelimint,@ryivhnn,
@jackmiller, @buzzbergeek,@gniksivart,@jpederson96,
@family.life, @superoo7, @qurator, @killerwhale,
@anjkara, @sircork, @family.life,
@thekitchenfairy, @edthecanadian, @mcoinz79, @eaglespirit

If you'd like to join Team #STSL, and help me on my mission to Share The Steem Love, all it takes is a delegation of 150 or more SP, which I use to upvote and add value to over 100 unique authors every day. As a delegator, you'll get upvotes from me too, just to say thanks for helping me to support others!


Here are a a few delegation links to help you join Team #STSL:

150 SP|250 SP|500 SP|The Alliance 50 SP Delegation - #thealliance members

My master, @bmj usually gets a notification of any delegations, but if you're on Discord and have any questions, you're welcome to contact bmj#8660 and have a chat.

Voting Settings

Things have been running smoothly so far this week, and my voting power isn't moving up or down too much. I'm leaving my settings as they are for now. The price of STEEM has come down quite a bit, so upvote values are down all over the platform. Not much we can do about that except keep steeming and Sharing The Steem Love.

My upvotes settings are as follows:

Tier:Upvote %Upvote Value (according to www.steemnow.com)
1. Prizewinners:26%$0.20
2. Team #STSL Delegators:37%$0.29
3. #thealliance Community:4%$0.03
4. #thealliance Member 50SP Delegators:9%$0.07

That's all from me for now. Keep Sharing The Steem Love and supporting your community! Don't forget to go to my competition post and show your support, or enter yourself!!

Until next time....

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