Share The Steem Love Status Update - 22-05-2018 - A little fine tuning needed today

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Hello everyone!!

I haven't needed to make any changes for a while, and my voting power has been reasonably stable for the last week, with a slow drain. It is now below 90%, so I will make a few small tweaks to get me back up into the 90s again.

Let's take a look under the hood, shall we!!

My Voting settings

I have been upvoting slightly over 100 posts by unique authors per day on average, just a little up from previous weeks, but enough to make my voting power go down a little quicker than I can recharge. I will only make a few small adjustments this time, and see if that get me back on track and above the 90% mark.

Here is a snapshot of my settings:

My voting settings will only vote for one new post per account, per 22 hours. That means I will only vote for your post if it is created or edited 22 hours after my upvote for you previous post.

Current Voting Settings:

My upvotes are separated into 4 tiers as follows:

Tier:Upvote %Upvote Value (according to
1. Prizewinners:26%$0.24
2. Delegators:37%$0.33
3. #thealliance Community:5%$0.05
4. #thealliance Member Delegators:11%$0.10

Voting Tier Details:

  1. Prizewinners Upvotes: Winners of my #stsl competitions win upvotes from me for 60 days. This is to give them an extended time to enjoy some good support on their post while they are trying to grow. My competition winners are selected based on their reputation, number of supporting nomination votes, and their recent post reward trends.
  2. Delegator Upvotes: Team #STSL, who delegate their Steem Power to me, and help me on my mission to share The Steem Love, get upvotes from me on this tier. Without Team #stsl, my mission would not be able to continue, and so I support my team, just as they support me and you. To qualify for this tier, a minimum of 150 SP delegation is needed, to ensure my upvote values are maintained as high as possible.
  3. #thealliance Community follow votes: The Alliance is a fantastic community who support one another, and keep each other accountable for posting good quality content. I love supporting The Alliance because I know they're here to add value to the platform, and are community focused.
  4. Exclusive #thealliance Members 50 SP Delegators Tier: This is an exclusive upvote tier to my #thealliance members. By supporting #stsl through delegation of 50SP, they receive an upvote of currently double the tier 3 upvote setting.

**These upvote values are indicative values, based on my current voting power as calculated on

Join Team #stsl

Team #stsl is the driving force behind my mission to #stsl - Share The Steem Love, and support communities, and steemians dedicated to creating great content, and building their communities. Without the generous delegations of Steem Power from my team members, my mission could not continue.

Team #stsl is:

@flipstar, @bmj, @underground, @ghoba.handcrafts,
@shellyduncan, @buggedout, @foovler, @phelimint,@ryivhnn,
@jackmiller, @buzzbergeek,@gniksivart,@jpederson96,, @superoo7, @qurator, @killerwhale,
@anjkara, @sircork,, @eaglespirit,
@thekitchenfairy, @edthecanadian, @mcoinz79

How To Delegate

There are some really good tools you can use to delegate some SP to my mission. One really good tool is The Steem Power Delegation Manager by @yabapmatt.

If you'd like a quick link to delegate some SP to me, here are a few links for you to use:

|150 SP|250 SP|500 SP|
|The Alliance 50 SP Delegation - #thealliance members only|

@bmj usually gets a notification when a delegation is made, but just to be sure, please leave a reply to let me know, or send @bmj a DM on Discord. That way you won't be missed out, and will be added to the correct upvote list.

Share The Steem Love Competition

Share The Steem Love Competition No 24 will start this week, so keep your eyes peeled for my competition post. There will be a slight adjustment to the rules, so make sure to read them carefully before you enter.

That's all from me for today.
Until next time....

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