I'm BACK!!! #stsl - Share The Steem Love Update - I'm revamping my Competitions - Brief Details Here

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Hi Everyone!!

@stsl is back after enjoying a few weeks off having some much-needed, and really good family time!


While I've been away, I've been thinking: "How can we make #stsl better, and encourage growth and investment into the platform for those smaller accounts who struggle to gain traction, and may find growing their accounts really hard work for little reward ?" Well, I'm going to throw something out there, and change my #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition structure a little, with the aim at helping my prizewinners grow their accounts better, and have greater power to share their own Steem love, at least just a little.

But How Will We Do That?

To start with, I will no longer be giving away liquid rewards as a prize for my competitions. I'm going to be giving away STEEM POWER! Steem Power is the best way to really make a difference, and give my prizewinners some extra love of their own to share with others, kind of like paying it forward in a sense.

So here is how my competitions are going to work from now on:

  • We will still be having a nomination process, and working out winners in a similar fasion to before. Greater weight will be allocated to an account's SP balance, as well as weekly post rewards, and number of votes on the nomination post.

  • The difference is going to be in the form of how the prizes are paid out. No more liquid STEEM, but rather powered up to the winner's account in the form of STEEM POWER. The SP portion of my competition post rewards will also be delegated to the winning nominee for a period of 6 months!! Yes, you read that right: 6 MONTHS!!! So that means I do not get any benefits from my competition rewards for 6 months, and the bigger the post reward is, the bigger the SP award and delegation to the winning nominee will be. A post reward of 10 STEEM and 10 SP will be awarded as 10 STEEM transferred into STEEM POWER, and a delegation of 10 SP for 6 months. Thats' an effective 20 SP prize for 6 months, scaling back to 10 SP after the 6 months duration expires.

  • After 6 months the delegated SP comes back into my SP balance for me to give out higher upvote values to everyone I vote for, and I can Share The Love that much more!

  • Winning Nominees will also still be added to my prizewinners' list for upvotes for 60 days.

What about the Nominators?

Don't worry, you, the potential winning nominator will not go away empty-handed. Winning Nominators will still be added to my prizewinners voting list and receive upvotes from me. You will also have the extra satisfaction of having helped a fellow Steemian grow their account just a little bit more. Hey, they may even use their extr SP to give you bigger votes...

So What do you say?!?!

Let's give this a go, and see if we can help boost some accounts, and give them an incentive to keep working at adding value to the Steem ecosystem. What do you say? Are you with me??!?!

Look out for my first installment of my revamped #stsl - Share The Steem Love Competition ...



Until then...

_see you soon.PNG


Hey and welcome back 😉👋 I hope you had a great time on your break.
Im on my last week of vacation so soon back to reality.. Lol
I think this new idea is really amazing and can definitely help so much as sp is the way to power up. I belive in your idea and really generous with the 6 months deligation 😉👍
Thank you for sharing this. Have a wonderful week. Cheers! 🌻

Hey @saffisara!! I did have a good break, thank you!! I hope you've been enjoying your vacation too!

Thanks for the support and encouragement! Hopefully we can give some worthy Steemians a nice boost to their SP soon! :)

Welcome back!! Glad you got some much needed family time!! I think it sounds like an awesome idea!! Thank you @stsl! ❤

I hope that idea works as well as it reads, it seems amazing!

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Awesome @stevenwood. Thank you fornvisitng my post, and for your support. Much appreciated!

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