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RE: Results of Share The Steem Love Competition No 28 are Here!

in #stsl3 years ago

Hello there!
WOW! Thank you so very much, I really appreciate these incredible prizes and your support @stsl - it has made my morning waking up to this :) I will indeed power up that 5 Steem :)

Thank you so much to lovely @enginewitty for putting me forward and to all my lovely fam for the support- I'm a newbie, so this really touched me!

Happy Friday my friends,
E x


Oh absolutely, earned and deserved sweets! Glad @bmj does this for people. Good heart on that guy😎

Thank you my lovely- and absolutely - 3 cheers for @bmj - what a hero!! <3

Haha!! You're all waaaaay too kind. Just sharing the Steem love, that's all😀