Kooks, Koalas, and a Wedgetailed Eagle

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I've been keeping the stackitis at bay as best I could recently, with the whole Christmas and back to school season denting the budget quite heavily. But I could hold back no longer, and caved in to the urge to splurge!

I'm a big fan of the Perth Mint coins, well most of them at least. I do particularly like the Kookaburra and Koalas, and so I couldn't resisit any longer, and decided to raid the piggy bank and give my stack a little boost with the 2019 versions of some silver shiny.


I like this one a lot. The cool kook sitting on a tree watching the sunset. This one is so much better than the 2018 version, but I bought one of them anyway..

These two are now keeping my 2017 company too.

I think I may have to c oontinue working my way back through the years and see how many kooks I can get my hands on.

Then again, koalas are something special too, and I now also have 3 year's of them!

Last, but not least, is the Australian Wedgetailed Eagle. I missed out on the 2018 bullion coin, but wasn't about to miss out again, and so bought 2 of these 2019 versions, to go with my 2017 limited release proof coin, which is still by far my favourite of all my coins.

Well there you have it, my stackitis has been treated again with a good dose of silver, but I fear I may have just kickstarted myself into another period of irresistible stackitis syndrome...

Watch this space!

Team Australia, Team South Africa, and The Alliance banners by @bearone

My Awesome Upboks by @ryivhnn

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Perth Mint rocks! I still remember buying the wedgetailed eagle in 2014 and do not regret it. I still have six.


It does! The designs on some of the bullion coins are just superb. Just makes it harder to not want to collect them all. There's probably only one that I don't like: the pig! Uuuurgh!!! Lol!

Nice adds. I just sold a rarer kook yesterday and already regret it! lol Made a lil profit tho so that's chilling..😎


Yeah, I don't think I'll be offloading any of them unless I have a few duplicates in my bag. They're far too good-looking.

Hope you're doing well that side!

Ooo, you got some with privy marks. Fun! My koala arrived a couple days back but my wedge tailed eagle is still in pre-order limbo. Excited for when it finally shows up. ☺️


I like the privy marks on them, and they're usually a much lower mintage. I've also got a 2017 kook with shark privy.. but the pic came out a bit badly focused

The wedgetails sell out pretty quickly, which ia why I missed out last year. I'll be looking around the seconds market to see if I can snag one on the cheap somewhere.


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