An Exercise per day with a baby

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Stretch is our best allie, so we start with that!
Start: One feet on a chair and one hand on other chair for balance.
Execution: You can do the exercise in different ways. You can bend your body over the leg, you can tilt your pelvis to the front (technical word - anterior pelvis tilt) or you can bring your top toes back, flexing your foot. Or better, you can do the three at the same time! It's delicious :) Don't forget to deep breath. The tension will begin to go away and you can go a little further. Stay 1,5 min.

Main Objective: Stretch the posterior chain. You need to feel the stretch on the back of your leg. Some people feel more the calf, others more the thigh, others the back of the knee. You just need to feel.

Alternative: You can do without the hand on the chair. You will train your balance too.

Observations: Be careful with your balance. The chair will help but if you don't have any confidence doing this exercise, don't do it.

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