Brightly Colored Colonnade, for Your Convenience, Protection, and Pleasure … Singapore – Street Photography

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As with much of Singapore’s street scene and cityscape, this collonade serves 2 purposes – one practical and one colorful. 

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Who needs a covered walkway when you can have a colonnade?

In most other cities, a colonnade such as this one would probably be nothing more than a simple and basic “covered walkway,”  erected solely to keep people dry. That is, IF the city would even bother to build such a walkway.   

Enhancing the cityscape, while keeping you dry

In Singapore, however, colonnades such as this serve not only to keep residents dry during the torrential monsoon downpours, but also to beautify the cityscape.

The smoothly curved frame, the clean white ceiling, the radiant red posts, the green borders, and the block paving combine to enhance this little street scene (which leads to the Outram metro station just south of Chinatown), and make for a much more pleasant environment.  

While cycling the length and breadth of Singapore, I found many such attractive collonades and walkways. In fact, some of them kept me dry when I was caught in sudden rainstorms. And if I didn’t have to stop for shelter, they all caught my eye as I cycled past them
Location – Singapore, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Street Photography contest.


For some reason, I knew this was in Singapore without even reading the rest of the post. I lived in Singapore for a few years.

I see your point. In many ways, Singapore is readily identifiable for its wonderful cityscape. Even for minor elements such as this type of covered walkway.

Yeah it's something about the architecture, I can't put my finger on it though.

I live in singapore but i never knew that people appreciate cityscape. To me, it is good because it shelters me from the rain and sun. After this post, I will pay more attention to the cityscapes and not deem Singapore as boring and having nothing to do.

Hence, it is nice to know people appreciates these structures in terms of beauty and I do hop3 more Singaporeans will appreciate them too.

Having come from outside Singapore, I was often amazed at how well-designed and beautifully developed it is. I know many of its citizens / residents appreciate it, but maybe you don't appreciate it enough.

You live in a wonderful place. Don't take it for granted, because many people around the world, even in advanced countries, live in environments that are much less developed and much less livable.

The picture is in perfect balanced symmetry.

Thanks. I try my best to make proper compositions.

Very practical and beautiful. Probably, there are a lot of people in these paths during heavy rains.


That is sooo colourful I'd really love to see that

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