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Sharing my entry for @juliank’s #streetphotography challenge.

(using Nikon D5000 for this photo)

Photo taken in downtown area near Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral.

As I was walking along the street near the church, I saw them sitting on the sidewalk, they were eating and talking, the older brother was trying to give food to their youngest sister. Everytime I see this right in front of my eyes, I feel crushed because of the situation. There are so many factors why children are pushed onto the streets: (1) poverty (2) family relationship factors (3) peer-gang influence. Actually the government provides programs to families or children on the streets. But some of their programs were being ignored, they don’t want to be involved and just living on the streets. Sad to see how some families and children are surviving outside. Children on the streets need to be educated and assisted.

Thank you for reading my post.
Till next time. 🙏☺️


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The poignant feeling was indeed captured in this photo! We can never do too much in advocating for the improvement of the lives of street children.


@thelearningman, good point. Maybe yes , but what about the programs that the govertnment provides? There are so many, it can promote and delvelop children to go back to their families, find a temporary shelter or center for them to stay. Street-based program is one of the examples.


I am really not sure how the government programs are being executed. Getting ignored, is for me a sign of a not so good program or a program not being executed correctly. Dont get me wrong im happy that they are doing things to address this but Im just not sure how effective it is. I understand that they can omly do too much and families/parents should also do their part in ensuring that their children aren't out on the streets.


@thelearningman, I respect your opinion about this, they have different government programs . Some govt. programs aim to motivate and assist the children or families on the streets, we have so many programs here, I can’t say that it is a sign of not having good programs they offer, we can’t be one-sided only, we can’t blame also the government because there are these government organizations and non government organization which offers them help. Field workers, volunteers, street educators conduct alternative education with the children, to understand their situation or simply offer protection, temporary drop-in centers or residential care. Yet, they manage to stay on streets. I myself was a member of a Non Government Organization, helping children on the streets when I was in college. And this I can’t blame the government or children/families why. We just need to help them in a way they will understand why government are doing these kinds of programs.

Thank you for bringing this up, Sir EJ


You're welcome. This was a good exchange of opinion. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter.


@thelearningman, thank you too. Indeed it was a good exchange of your interesting opinion, something that I learned. Thank you for that Sir.