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Hi, steemit friends!
Happy Friday! Here is my entry for StreetPhotography Contest hosted by @juliank. If you are interested in it , you can click here to know more.


Theme: streetphotography
Location: Da Lian, China
Camera used: iPhone 6

I took this photo when I went to Dalian Botanical Garden with my husband in the afternoon . I was shocked by the beautiful maple leaves on the tree when I walked along the street. It was standing in the sunset, isn’t it the most beautiful trees of this year ? There is a certain answer in my mind .

Do you think so ? Aren’t you shocked by this beauty ?

Thanks for your reading and hope you like it !

今天是周五,本周当中应该是最快乐的一天啦,明天就是周末了,大家是不是很高兴呢。非常高兴参加 @juliank 举办的Steemit 摄影参赛的照片,streetphotography and travelphotography。

这是我在将近傍晚时分跟老公去植物园,观看秋天的风景拍的照片。突然发现,夕阳的余晖下,这几棵枫树简直是美到了极致!不禁被它的美丽所震撼!只有惊讶,没有语言可以描述它的美丽!与大家分享, 祝大家周末都有好心情!


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all I can say is...awesome!


thanks for coming !


谢谢啦 !

such lovely colors!! Over here we are almost in winter haha :(


thanks for your comment ! your winter is really earlier !


I know :( I hope it wasn't snowing this early in the year ha ha

Amazing picture


thank you !

very nice picture