[ 3.000 STEEM TO WIN ] [ Aug 30 - Sep 6 ] [ Time 1 Week ] 🖼 Street Photography Contest 🖼

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Hello to all street photography lovers. Here is my new contest theme. I will be very happy if you join my contest.

Deadline : Aug 30 - Sep 06 (New York Time)

Street Photography Contest:

river side.jpg

To me, street photography is just documenting human life. Period. Candid or with permission? I don’t care. Color or black and white? It doesn’t matter. Street photography is about capturing the essence of humanity.


  • 1st Prize 2.000 steem
  • 2nd prize 0.500 steem
  • 3rd Prize 0.300 steem
  • 4th Prize 0.200 Steem
  • 5th Prize 0.200 Steem
  • 6th Prize 0.100 Steem

This contest sponsored by @blacklux


  • 100% UpVote & Redeem (mandatory)
  • Your photography must be your own work.
  • Tag me in your post @minnowhale
  • The photograph can be in black and white or in color.
  • No need for specific material for this contest. Camera and Smart phone both allowed.
  • Dishonest participants who used pictures of other people will be disqualified.
  • Use your own Watermark otherwise disqualified. (Not mandatory)
  • No nude photography.
  • Post Title: "My entry for the STREET PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @minnowhale"
  • Your photography must be accompanied by an explanation of at least 30-50 words in English language.
  • Each user has 1-3 entry for this competition.
  • You must use the "#street2street" tag in your article. So I can find your entry easily otherwise it is lost among all the blogs posted on Steemit.


  • I will choose the 6 best entries and select an absolute winner for this contest.
  • Total time 1 week. In this time, you can post 1-3 photos for this contest.
  • The contest winner will receive the prize, directly from me.
  • You can vote to support the participants. Your votes and your comments will help me to choose the winners.

My Discord : mmrahmanbappi#9781

Thank You


wow Street Photography Contest !!!

and now that I have breathed after commenting on your photo, well welcome the contest ... I hope there are no problems in which you participate, at least it does not say anything in the rules about winners in other contests of yours ...

really beautiful concepts; best of luck all participants 😊

I can not lose it, my friend.
I will be happy to participate.
Happy day

got a question!!
if I have already used that picture for other contest, can I use it again?

You can use 5 tags. I have no problem. But you need to mention me, otherwise i can't find your picture.

I mean If I have already used in older contest . Can I re use that photograph for this contest?? Would love to participate. And should we post all 3 images at a single post or we can do it separately?

May be not. Bot will catch you for duplicate contest.

oh okay. I will use my other photographs.

Next time provide separately.

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Great contest. Your image is great as well.

You may want to take another look at your rules though. At the top it says upvote and redeem (this should be resteem) is mandatory, but further down the list of rules it says it is not.
Watermark should be applied to not get disqualified and yet it is not mandatory.

this picture is one of the best I saw! Amazing, congratulations...
and I will read the rest of the post now...

Its a great initiative @minnowhale.. photography contest are always fun.

ill be joining soon.

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Greetings! Thank you once more for the great initiative! Here's my first entry:


I do hope I wind the time to prepare one or two more ;)


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Hola @minnowhale, hermosas tomas y interesante concurso ,ya entre a el espero obtener respuestas pronto y de ante mano felicitaciones para todos

Cool idea for the contest I will try and remember to enter

Thanks and welcome

Very nicestock-photo-rose-682043602.jpg

Hi @minnowhale here are my three entries for your @strret2street contest. Thank you for your support on Steemit :)

"My entry for the STREET PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST by @minnowhale" Entry #1 , #2 and #3.


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