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Hello dear Steem Community,

some of you might remember the Streemian service that was running here on Steem back in the days.

What was Streemian

Streemian was most famous for its curation trails where members could hook up another account and automatically upvote posts of their leaders. This feature has lead to significant curation rewards for our users.

Some historical posts from this account:


While the old Streemian itself (and its domain being gone) is not active at the moment, the new team behind it is ramping up. This post is building upon the trust that was placed to the Streemian service by its users, and serves to build up a budget for the team to re-engage by means of voting and curation rewards. The intention is to use this budget for the benefit of Graphene blockchains, and potentially bring back Streemian in a new way - including a rebrand!

If your account has voted on this post, you are a former user of Streemian and are contributing towards building above-mentioned budget. Thanks for the trust you have placed in the past, and please rest assured that we do not intend to abuse your voting power. If you feel this is overstepping, please do remove streemian from your accounts posting authority.

So long,

The new Streemian Team

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