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Today I'm trying something a little different.
I've been thinking on this concept of freewriting or freestyle and pondering on if it's possible to do a stream of consciousness work or piece.
Drawing meaning and such is really up to the interpretation of the reader, so I'll leave it to you to decide if I go any good.
(NB doing this piece entire and without stops starts or edits, only minor cleanup at the end for ease of reading)

Tell me what you want, I'll show you what you need.
The size of the tower which way it goes,
That is a call to be made already..
At the table set for a Board of such scale!
We can only imagine the intensity.

A neon sigh fit to end the breath of creation.
Glory eternal to the state of the nation.
Static sparks fly from corpses moving on their own.
The zombie throne is held up by many hands.

And all of them belong to us.
I do not judge, I pass no crime.
For all of us do share the grime.
Of past and present, future tense.
Which way will we ever build the fence.

Adios cowboy.

Source: pixabay.com/photos/prairie-river-stream-curved-sunset-679014/

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