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This week, the @phillyhistory topic is digital strategy. To create the best digital strategy, I decided to take an old written strategy and create an acronym!

H-igh frequency - content creation must be fast and relevant to this relevant issue of the frenetic world

I-nteresting - good luck if your content isn't interesting enough to keep the attention of someone with twitter in another tab

T-rending - if you don't get noticed it doesn't matter how often you post or how interesting your content is- you need an influencer or money to get you trending

S-implicity - too complex or too contrived and the content will not stick. Like Thoreau wrote, "Simplicity, something, something...." (clearly he should have only written the word once).

Follow my tips and your content will get HITS

Screenshot 2018-04-07 at 5.24.31 PM.png

*This is an endorsement of Theme 4: Audience first in the Wyncote Foundation report "Like, Link, Share"

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Hey Steve!

I want to talk about T a bit more: since you currently host a podcast, do you have any experience with trying to make your content viral without sacrificing quality? Or spending a ton of money? Mainly, I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by an "Influencer?"

This is a bit tricky. So the key is not quality or spending money. It is about someone influential advertising for you. By Influential, I mean a major media outlet that gets millions of viewers.

So, I don't know too many examples, but one group I know personally caught an influential wave was mentioned in an article by a major media corporation. Because they were mentioned on a media outlet that gets over 50 million views a month, their instagram got thousands of followers almost immediately after the article was published. Now, with thousands of followers, their account is influential in itself.

The problem, of course, is getting noticed. Especially with podcasts - Now that they have gone corporate

Once again, the way to succeed is by knowing someone at the top.