The precious gift to me.😊(story of my life)

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Hi steemians😊! I just want to told my story of my life.😊 and give me your little time to read it about my past.
When i was working in cebu,naturally as one of the single person..i worked to help my grandparents. So while im working many suitors that give thier whispering and lovely words to my ears,in short one of them got my Yes..😊 ! We are happy in our relationship,but one day ive got him with another girl..its like😊😄,honestly i confront him and the girl..and i told to him ..sino ba ang mahal mo sa aming dalawa?" But he never reply to me..and suddenly i told him; who will be luckiest girl in his life?..
But unfortunately he choose the one..his other girl..😢😢
I was shocked on that time and i cant believe it that inspite of my loyalty,honesty and love that i give to him..that will be my fate.😢
To make the story short,,life must go on..and i told to myself that i can overcome this kind of trouble in my i decide to forget him but unfortunately he is always running in my mind..i cant forget him!
So in practical decision,the one of my suitor always there at my side, i accept him eventhough di pa me nkkamove on!
To forget my past,i live with the person who loves me,but unfortunately this person i live within is not worthy of my precious love😢. I bear a child with him, and this is my little girl zyrajane 😍!



I thought the man that i live within will renew his ways of life,because we have a baby..but i was wrong,when he going home,he beat me,kick me and sometimes he wants to kill me..! He is drug addict..hope now he is in "tokhang"..! My life is miserable with him,! "Di ko na kaya na kasama ko sya!"almost everyday that is always happened to me and some of our nieghbour told me,,get out on that miserable life.."marami pa lalaki n mgmmahal sayu.. at phlghn ang pagkatao mo.."
So, one day i decided for my own good and to my daughter, i and my daughter going home to bohol,.and my lola and lolo who stand my parents was terrible to my situation.
And the father of my daughter beg me to come back, but i told marigen and zyrajane will come back to you anymore!
To make the short story we seperated and ive never heard about him for almost 5years and no support from him to my daughter.
But now im happy for what i have..the person who accept me ,for what i am and who i am..😊

My grandparents:)who always there for me😊

And most especially my daughter Zyrajane who give me strenght and work for her..for her better future😊!

They are my precious gifts to me!😊😍

Happy reading steemians!
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hi sis very touching your story..i hope you've finally find someone who will there by your side what ever happens. Truly God will give you the desire of your heart after you've been through He send you the right one for you..He knows everything just keep your faith on HIM that everything happen has a good reasons.


Thanks [email protected]! Tanx for reading and tanx for the prayer and motivation..but the one you prayed for is answeres find someone😊who will care for me..God give me this person to love me for what i am!

Your story is & will be an inspiration to other women & single mothers in the world today . I can sense that all this experience is making you a strong positive person in your own right & you will pass on these strong character traits to your beautiful daughter ,It is good you have family support around . You will attract the right kind of person with the attitude in life you have I wish you all the best in life & love . I have followed you ,re-steemed & up-voted your post .


Thank you @sbyse hope my story will be inspiration to you and to all the people around us!God bless you !

You are a wonderful girl, you deserve a good life partner, never again allow abuse. Your baby and grandparents are beautiful.


Thank you so much @teardrops..thanks for your moral support and advices..i will treasure it!God bless you!🙏👍☝

I like baby


Thanks @muhibbuddin😊 thanks for reading!)