The Town that Stepped Out

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Today is another Election Day, so the news as expected will be covering the local, county, state and national candidates on the ballot and the individual reforms as well. This local election was being handled differently though by the press. Microphones and crews from everywhere asking everyone who would talk with them, "How are you voting today on Local Option One."

There was no escaping the anticipation walking home after work in the morning I walked by the convenient store. After grabbing my food and newspaper I continued my walk to find a parking lot with my former elementary school teacher on the bullhorn telling the crowd "No on option 1!" over and over again. I always knew there was something facistic and sinister behind Ms. Jones.

Having already hit the poll place, casting my vote while escaping the zoo that was created, I was glad to get home and settle down to sleep for work tonight. In the late afternoon around the 3:30pm I realized that sleep would come to a break. My neighbors were throwing a pro Option One party. I could hear the Beatles "I've Got a Feeling" blasted like they were playing on my rooftop.

So with anticipation I waited seeing polling precincts coming in. Finally at 8:31pm the local news called the race. "In a close vote we are ready to call the Fredericktown Local Option 1 vote. With 244 yea and 218 nay the vote will pass. Now again Connie (the male news anchor says to the field reporter) this is the famed Fredricktown voter initiative to go to an alternative or crypto-currency in place to pay all public employees in the currency of the city council's choice. We shall see the court battles that ensue over that. Thanks and good night."

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The young man uprooted from his idyllic Pennsylvania hometown certainly hit heights. And was certainly great, although may be if he didn't have the distraction of fire engines, drinking benders, crocodiles...he probably would have been Greater, given what he was able to achieve albeit the distraction.

This is a classic story , it is a mirror of the 'modern footballer', many of whom, despite being talented, never really come to fully fulfill their potential, due to 'other distraction'.

The likes of Mario Balloteli.....if you are a football fan, fall into this category.

And then big-ups to mogul Connie Mack, as his benefaction of the little boy gave the baseball world a talent to behold! His feat again shines light on the failings of the modern game, in which the talent pool is no longer as supported as in those early years.

The story is a nice read. Cheers.

But before i forget, have you noticed it is >300 words? It is actually about 441 words. According to @swissclive rules of this story300-wordstory listing, the story must be less than (<300) words. You might want to revise that while you can.
Thanks again.

You are a great curator! Thanks so much @ebitularmbert.

Thanks for your work sir, sorry for the misunderstanding, here is a fictional 300 word account that fits the guidelines better. You are more than welcome to withdraw and votes you may sent out before.

Hi @cryptkeeper17. Unfortunately this doe not qualify as it is not fiction. It’s a biography of a real person. Also, this seems a little long for 300 words. What’s the word count?

There's an edit that fixes all of that. Sorry for the mistake.

Is this fiction or fact?
From Wikipedia:

  • Fiction is the classification for any story or setting that is derived from imagination—in other words, not based strictly on history or fact.

Yes purely fiction. Based in a fictional town, narrated by an unnamed fictional character, with purely fictional people mentioned, at a purely fictional undisclosed time. It is purely hypothetical and a re-dramatization of this single person's narrative on a theoretical event not yet occurred. Trust me lol, if this were fact we would all be aware of it actually happening.

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